Posted 5 мая 2020,, 07:25

Published 5 мая 2020,, 07:25

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The pilot of the SSJ-100 burned out in Sheremetyevo gave his first interview

The pilot of the SSJ-100 burned out in Sheremetyevo gave his first interview

5 мая 2020, 07:25
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Exactly one year ago, a Sukhoi Superjet aircraft of Aeroflot Airlines flying to Murmansk made an emergency landing at Sheremetyevo Airport and caught fire. 41 out of 78 people on board died.

For the first time after the disaster, the aircraft's commander Denis Yevdokimov (pictured), accused by the investigation of the catastrophe, gave an interview.

Yevdokimov told the correspondent that the cause of the accident and the death of people on May 5, 2019 was the “non-compliance with airworthiness standards”.

“If the manufacturer finished the aircraft on time, aviation incidents of this nature would not be repeated, which means that flight safety would be at an acceptable level, and risks would be minimized,” the pilot said.

According to him, a lightning strike on an airplane - and a year ago the SSJ-100 autopilot turned off after lightning hit the board - is a common phenomenon, but it, as a rule, "does not lead to disruption of the aircraft’s systems."

- In the same flight, the discharge of atmospheric electricity disabled one of the most important aircraft systems, namely the control system. The remote control system on the Superjet is completely electric, that is, it does not have redundant mechanical communication between the steering controls. Neither the investigating authorities nor the IAC were interested in the fact that atmospheric electricity was affected by the aircraft, there is simply not a word about this in the case file, except for the testimonies of passengers and crew members, ”said Evdokimov, assuming that circumventing this fact is connected with“ eliminating the risk to reputation manufacturer SSJ-100.

However, these aircraft have long enjoyed a bad reputation. A number of incidents were connected with them earlier (the last of which occurred today, on the anniversary of the Sheremetyevo tragedy), and after the May 5 disaster, attention was especially close to them.

As for the pilot Evdokimov, the investigation calls him the only one responsible for the accident.

- The commander of the aircraft following the Moscow-Murmansk message, on May 5, 2019, after returning to the departure airport, made a rough landing on the runway of Sheremetyevo Airport. Further action Yevdokimov on aircraft management, committed in violation of the established rules, and resulted in the destruction of the aircraft fire, killing 40 passengers and one crew member, - stated in the report of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

But the prosecution considers unfair not only the accused pilot, but also the honored aircraft designer of Russia Alexey Ignatov. He calls for looking for a problem in the technical characteristics of the aircraft that led to the tragedy.

Oksana, the wife of Denis Yevdokimov, in her blog sticks up for her husband. She writes that during the investigation she “learned a lot about the other side of aviation”, and considers it “her duty to share it with everyone, since we all fly on airplanes”. She drew attention to the fact that "in accordance with the current legislation, the causes of the disasters include actions, inaction, circumstances and conditions, or a combination thereof, leading to an incident or accident".

- The IAC website states: “The IAC is designed to serve the achievement of the goals of the safe and orderly development of civil aviation.” It sounds beautiful, but unconvincing, ”writes Oksana Evdokimova.

She points out that "judging by the IAC reports, the pilots are always to blame, the circumstances and conditions that are the same causes of accidents remain undetected and not eliminated."

Evdokimova expressed hope that “someday an independent disaster investigation authority will appear in the Russian Federation and its investigation will“ serve the achievement of the goals of the safe and orderly development of civil aviation ”, taking flight safety to the Russian Federation to a different level.”

“In the meantime, everything is turning out sadly for both pilots and passengers ...” she stated.

We note that while the offspring of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant (KnAAZ, Khabarovsk Territory) - SSJ-100 - continue to make emergency landings due to technical malfunctions and fail tests, Aeroflot does not stop buying these airliners.