Posted 5 мая 2020,, 13:54

Published 5 мая 2020,, 13:54

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With a thought about the head: what a long-term social isolation threatens a person with

With a thought about the head: what a long-term social isolation threatens a person with

5 мая 2020, 13:54
Mental consequences of a pandemic can be much worse than economic.

On the difficulties of the so-called social distancing, which the humankind began to practice worldwide in connection with the pandemic, writes the blogger Antiscientism. Since it is assumed that this practice will continue for a long time, it, according to the blogger, will lead to serious consequences, especially for children and the elderly. He refers to the living conditions of polar explorers, which are very reminiscent of today's conditions. It is known that it is not work and climatic conditions that are the main difficulties of life there, but a limited team focused on a limited space. The blogger gives several examples from life in such conditions. Including the case when two astronauts tamed a fly and even gave it a name, and when she died, both burst into tears. That is, as a result of social deprivation, asthenia of the nervous system occurs, causing various disturbances in the behavior, communication and reactions of people who are very different from ordinary life.

The blogger believes that the long practice of social distance will lead to a significant deterioration in the mental state of the vast majority of the world's inhabitants, and this threatens disastrous consequences. Many scientists are already talking about this, exploring new living conditions. After people were deprived of their usual activities and social interaction, they began to feel absolute discomfort, feel lonely and abandoned. And all this despite the more or less normal material conditions. Previously, they received face-to-face social communication, and since this is now impossible, they began to lose self-esteem, motivation, and various social incentives for activity. That is, social distance leads to increased depression and anxiety, seriously affect mental health, especially in older people, increasing the risk of heart disease, dementia and even death. According to recent scientific data, the risk of death in prolonged isolation increases by almost 30%.

Psychologists also warn that the inability to attend sports events and concerts, to feel the so-called "collective excitement", causes real stress, the consequences of which are unpredictable. Surprisingly, people still do not fully understand this. So, in Italy starting from the new school year they are going to reduce the number of students in each class by half in order to increase the distance between them in the class.

“What are they doing in Italy, they became completely insane? What for do they want to increase the distance between the students in the class? With all the seriousness they are going to insist that the children would observe the "social distance"!? And during the breaks too?” - the blogger is amazed. "Instead of this absurd, they should better restore a normal health care system”, - he said. "And not only in Italy. And healthy people need to be left alone. Or soon in men's toilets there will be the same lines as in women's toilets...”