Posted 6 мая 2020,, 17:28

Published 6 мая 2020,, 17:28

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Mission is possible: Tom Cruise will fly into space to shoot his next film

Mission is possible: Tom Cruise will fly into space to shoot his next film

6 мая 2020, 17:28
NASA announced its joint project with a Hollywood star on the board of the ISS.

Director of the American Space Agency Jim Bridenstein confirmed the news on Twitter.

Irina Ziganshina

The star of the Mission Impossible is 56 years old, but he is still in an excellent physical shape and performs all his stunts on the set, including car racing and rock climbing without insurance, without understudies.

For many years, since the time of the “Top gun” (the sequel of which will be released a little later this year), Cruise has a license to pilot the aircraft. Now he can become the first actor to star in space. The company also participates in the project: Ilona Mask SpaceXventure - Musk indirectly confirmed this by responding to Breedenstein’s tweet that the project “should be very entertaining.”

SpaceXventure, the most famous private space company, has been collaborating with NASA for over 10 years. Musk's rockets deliver cargo to the ISS, and on May 27, SpaceX and NASA plan to launch the Crew Dragon spacecraft with two astronauts from Cape Canaveral, the first manned flight docked with the ISS.

It is known that four fit on board the Crew Dragon - so, in addition to the actor and the astronaut-pilot, the Cruise project can also go to a mini-film crew of two people. In general, the details are so far kept secret, although it is known for sure that the film will not be related to “Mission Impossible”. Its continuation, however, is also in the works: filming stopped due to a pandemic will soon be resumed, and the seventh film of the series should be released next year.