Posted 6 мая 2020, 06:40

Published 6 мая 2020, 06:40

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Scientists once again postponed the end date of the pandemic in Russia

6 мая 2020, 06:40
Scientists at the University of Technology and Design at Singapore have delayed the alleged end of the coronavirus epidemic in Russia for a week. According to the new forecasts, it will happenn on August 24th.

This is stated in the updated materials of the university. Singaporean scientists said earlier that the outbreak could fade by August 19th. And before that, experts predicted the end of the pandemic in Russia by July 20.

According to the authors of the new forecast, the end date of the epidemic may shift due to the current situation and measures taken. Note that over the past day in Russia recorded more than 10 thousand new cases of infection with COVID-19. The same trend was observed two days earlier.

Scientists also warn that those territories that have already passed the peak of the epidemic may face the next wave if quarantine restrictions are lifted too early.

We recall that the director of the Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor Vasily Akimkin suggested that the "peak position" of the epidemic in the Russian Federation will fall be in mid-May. This was also discussed in the Kremlin.

As for the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, the former deputy prime minister, the head of Skolkovo, Arkady Dvorkovich, expects his peak in the summer.

In Russia, 155,370 thousand people became infected with the coronavirus. 1,451 patients died from the disease.