Posted 7 мая 2020,, 13:10

Published 7 мая 2020,, 13:10

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Strictly to the west: military monuments in Russia are brought to the complete “combat readiness”

Strictly to the west: military monuments in Russia are brought to the complete “combat readiness”

7 мая 2020, 13:10
Russian "victorious obscurantists" invented the canon of the installation of monuments of military equipment, so that it was always ready to meet the invasion of a potential enemy.

Orthodox churches are deployed to the east by the altar. Muslims during prayer turn to Mecca. And in Russia, military monuments are traditionally deployed to the west.

Novaya Gazeta reports:

“In Rostov-on-Don, the barrel of the memorial tank was turned towards the West during the repair. The barrel of the T-34/76 tank in the historical center of Rostov-on-Don, on Khimikov Square, was deployed “for two hours”, and now the muzzle of the combat vehicle is looking strictly west. According to restorers, the canon of installing military equipment as monuments on the territory of Russia was respected . Interviewed by New experts deny the existence of tradition. ”

Political scientist Sergei Medvedev comments on this blog as funny as ominous information:

“I don’t know what the experts think, but as a motorist who often drives hundreds of kilometers from Moscow and Minsk and Riga, I can confirm that all tanks, Katyushas, guns, soldiers, and bayonets are deployed strictly west. But far to go, here is the sovereign axis of Moscow, Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The soldiers at the stele at the intersection with Dorogomilovskaya street - facing west. The warriors and warriors on Poklonka, on the corner of Minsk Street, also face west. It is necessary to check, but it seems that Zhukov, Minin and Pozharsky are also looking west, towards the Volokolamsk highway. I don’t remember where the Tsar Cannon was directed, if not there, then urgently needs to be deployed.

This, of course, has a religious and mystical meaning, these are sacred signs, charms that protect us from the Western threat. But anyway: while guarding the western frontiers, the infection came from the rear side, from China..."