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Published 8 мая 2020,, 10:05

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Dmitry Milin: “The Second World War began in September 1937”

Dmitry Milin: “The Second World War began in September 1937”

8 мая 2020, 10:05
The start and end dates of the most bloody war of the twentieth century should be reviewed.

Network analyst Dmitry Milin published a very interesting post on the chronology of World War II:

"1. WWII (Great Patriotic War) is part of WW2 (World War II). The allegations that the USSR won the Second World War are incorrect. The USSR, together with the allies in the anti-Hitler coalition, defeated Hitler, and also with the allies won the Second World War, which ended on September 9, 1945 with the end of the Sino-Japanese War. On the other hand, the use of the term WWII to describe events on the Eastern Front makes some sense in terms of geographical location and time dating of events.

2. Accordingly, the WWII did not begin on September 1, 1939, as is commonly believed among Eurocentric white racists, but on September 7, 1937, with the Japanese shelling the Marco Polo Bridge (Lugou Bridge) in China (pictured). From my point of view, the massacres of the Chinese since 1937 are just as disgusting, and the scale of the hostilities is so huge that they are part of 2MB, as are the killings of white people and the scale of the battles in Europe.

3. Poland for me is not an "innocent victim" of aggression by Nazi Germany and the Stalinist USSR. Poland is one of the three aggressive “predators” of pre-war Europe, simply the weakest, which was torn apart by more powerful “predators” (Nazi Germany and the Stalinist USSR) from September 1 to October 6, 1939. Before the start of WW2, Poland, in the aggressive manner of Hitler and Stalin, annexed the Vilnius Territory of Lithuania (using the Crimean method) and the Cieszyn region of Czechoslovakia (during the capture of Czechoslovakia by Hitler).

4. There are no historical justifications for the borders of states. There are several applicants for almost every square meter of the earth’s surface. There are only “internationally recognized borders” and in fact (in the case of annexation / occupation) existing borders. As territories with actually existing borders, one can cite the example of Crimea, annexed by the Russian Federation, and the Golan Heights annexed by Israel.

5. His part of the Second World War, while he waged a war without the help of allies in the anti-Hitler coalition, was disastrously lost. The culprit of the military catastrophe of the Red Army in the summer-autumn of 1941, when the Germans approached Moscow and blocked Leningrad, is Stalin and the criminal clique of the Communists, who repressed disorganized command and control and frustrated the plans of the 3rd pre-war five-year plan. The whole cult of victory is based on the mythology of the invented Brezhnev-Suslov CPSU to cover up and the lack of an honest analysis of the pre-war (and war) crimes and errors of the communist leadership against the people of the USSR, army and navy. At the moment, the cult of victory is used to legitimize the current government, which has arrogated to itself the victory achieved by the colossal losses of the Soviet people.

6. Of the 28 (26.6 according to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation) millions of victims of the Second World War, 12 million are the irretrievable losses of servicemen recognized by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, 14.6-16 million are the losses of the civilian population from hunger, cold and criminal methods of warfare not only of the Wehrmacht, but also the Red Army by orders of the party leadership of the country and personally Joseph Stalin. The scorched earth tactics used in the retreat of the Red Army units and in the frontline is a crime and was officially banned by Article 54 of Protocol No. I of the 1977 Geneva Convention. Moreover, the use of the “scorched earth” tactics by the Red Army was extremely inefficient, although it led to millions of victims among the civilian population of the USSR.

7. At the initial stage of WW2 in Europe, the future USSR allies in the anti-Hitler coalition, England and France, from September 3 to May 10, 1939, showed criminal inaction, allowing Hitler not only to seize Poland (together with the USSR), but also to occupy Denmark and Norway alone, and then transferring troops to defeat the armies of England and France on the mainland.

8. Without the help of the Lend-Lease allies, the USSR could not continue the war from the end of 1941, having lost most of its armaments and professional army due to errors in the command and communist leadership of the country. Only the provision of everything necessary (from gunpowder metals to locomotives and explosives) to the industry of the USSR, as well as the provision of the Red Army from tanks and aircraft to aviation gasoline and trucks, allowed not only to stop the Wehrmacht by the end of 1942, but also to begin large-scale offensive operations. Without this help, the war for the USSR would end in a shameful defeat and a separate peace (similar to that concluded by the Communists in Brest-Litovsk in 1918) already in the winter of 1942 ... "

Needless to say, this post has caused extremely divergent assessments from readers of the blog.

So Andrei Dubrovsky writes:

“I have an addition to paragraph 6 and an objection to paragraph 7. item 6. After many years of counting in the archive of the Moscow Region in Podolsk, the deaths turned out to be: 1.1 million officers and commissars, 12.6 million soldiers. Unaccounted for: 1) mobilized, but not reached the units, 2) militias, and 3) newly called up from the occupied territories - this is from hundreds of thousands to millions. According to approximate estimates, the Red Army, Red Army and others lost 16-17 million.

item 7. Unlike Germany and the USSR, France by 1939 was catastrophically unprepared for war. And the PMV did not want to really fight after the shock. Hence the "Strange War". Nevertheless, Britain arranged such an effective naval blockade of Germany that even large-scale shipments of the Stalinist USSR could not fully compensate for the damage from this blockade.

"allowing ... to occupy Denmark and Norway alone" is wrong. England and France reacted quite quickly and sent an expeditionary force to Norway, which fought there, blocking the supply of nickel vital for Germany. And the allies left Norway only after the beginning of the Wehrmacht offensive in the West.

Evgeny Kostyukhin agrees with the author:

“In my understanding, there was no special WWII. The separation from the Second World War as a separate part of it - the Second World War, was made artificially, with purely propaganda goals. Firstly, to remove from the history (at least from the history of Russia) the shameful pages of 1939-1941, when the USSR supported Hitler in his European military campaign. No wonder they so carefully hid the documents under the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Secondly, in order to focus people's attention precisely on the Eastern Front of World War II, and say almost nothing about the African Company, the War on the Sea in the North Atlantic, about the war with Japan. On the Eastern Front, Russia dominated and, most importantly, won. Well, and thirdly, which, it seems to me, is especially shameful and low to diminish the effect of Lend-Lease supplies on the course of battles and the results of victory ... ”

Vitaly Lozovsky made an important addition:

“I remember all the years of the war. When it started I was 6 years old. 100% support Milin. So many years have passed, and as I heard yesterday a tantrum of women who received a funeral. Want to repeat it? I would smother these idiots with my bare hands!”