Posted 8 мая 2020, 15:11

Published 8 мая 2020, 15:11

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Patients of Kirov Infectious Hospital announced a hunger strike

8 мая 2020, 15:11
Фото: Первый городской канал в Кирове
Thirteen patients who are held at the Kirov Infectious Disease Hospital with the suspicion of having a coronavirus infection claim that they are being put there illegally.

There are still no signs of the disease, and the test results for the coronavirus COVID-19 are not reported to them. In this regard, they announced a hunger strike.

According to the website of the Ekho Moskvy radio station , the hungry people recorded an appeal to the head doctor of the hospital and the Minister of Health of the Kirov Region. Kirov journalists sent an official request to the regional government regarding the current situation, but there is still no answer either, notes.

As of today, the number of detected cases of coronavirus in the Kirov region has reached 781, over the past day positive tests have been received in 41 more people. The day before, 45 survivors were discharged from the infectious diseases hospitals, while a total of 188 patients were cured of coronavirus during the pandemic in the region.

Patients in St. Petersburg express dissatisfaction with the treatment conditions. The governor of the city, Alexander Beglov, blocked on his page on the Vkontakte social network a local resident who complained of poor living conditions in a temporary hospital for patients with coronavirus at Lenexpo. Oksana Kutafina-Shishlova was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of bilateral pneumonia. After taking the coronavirus test, she was confirmed to have no illness, was discharged from the hospital on May 4, but was not allowed to return home, having been sent to a temporary hospital.

As she told the Ekho Moskvy radio station , people are brought here with two negative results, but this is a common hangar, there are shared showers and toilets, and you can really get an infection. The video she posted on the social network shows the patient in an inadequate state. Kutafina-Shishlova believes that this is a mentally ill person and fears for herself and the rest.