Posted 8 мая 2020,, 10:06

Published 8 мая 2020,, 10:06

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Photo of the day: this is how the social distance looks like in Moscow transport

Photo of the day: this is how the social distance looks like in Moscow transport

8 мая 2020, 10:06
Looking at this photograph taken in the Moscow subway, it is impossible to understand the quarantine logic of the Moscow authorities.

Moscow actress Julia Aug published this photo on her blog, which appeared earlier in the interesting Moscow public:

“Listen, I'm in shock. I just got a picture sent. This is the subway. This morning. That is, May 6, 2020. Working day. Seven in the morning. At rush hour, trains in the subway went at intervals of 40 seconds, now there is an interval of 2-3 minutes. The train is crowded with people, as in dock-like times. Crush. No social distance. Not all in PPE. People go to work. And I understand them. Because most people are forced to earn money, because they have not received any financial assistance and support from the state ... "

Needless to say, the publication caused a lot of comments, and many readers questioned the reliability of this picture, calling it fake. They immediately received a rebuff from eyewitnesses:

- Then why all these games of the authorities in taking care of citizens ... In St. Petersburg, everything is about the same. Horror. Simulacrum country.

- I ride the subway for three days in a row at 8.30. There are no empty wagons - the only way to maintain at least some distance is if you manage to sit on the short seats at the beginning and end of the wagon - they don’t break there yet ...

Politician Dmitry Gudkov also took care of the same questions in his blog:

“On the latest statistics on coronavirus and measures to combat it.

1. Sergei Sobyanin said that in Moscow there are 300 thousand patients with covids. Why 300, not 500, not a million? Is it like the data from a hundred thousand screening tests - the ones that have 40% error? And what is there by stratum, age?

2. Also, according to him, the number of patients discharged in Moscow today exceeded the number of hospitalized.

How does this compare with 300 thousand infected? How many of them are seriously ill then? How much treatment is required? Why then do we need the 75th pavilion of VDNH with its beds for patients? I want to make a reservation right away - I do not reject the need for such a measure, but ask questions that come to mind first.

3. In Moscow now in public transport - only in a mask and gloves.

Why now, if the epidemic is on the decline? Or doesn’t it? Why not a month ago?

4. Deptrans: we sell disposable masks and gloves in the subway for 50 rubles.

That is, one trip will cost almost a hundred rubles in the face of a sharp drop in income. And this is with 15 million free-of-charge handed out St. George ribbons. Maybe the masks should be given out first of all for free? Yes, even in the color of the St. George ribbon, if without this in any way.

5. Yandex: isolation index in recent days - in the region of 3.

Why is there an index: there are traffic jams in the city. Is that what “digital badges" work like? By the way, how do they work? Is there statistics on passenger travel days after the introduction of passes? Maybe they are not needed at all?

6. City Hall: we will open construction sites now, and parks - last. Here, even comments are superfluous. Close forests - this is an important measure to combat coronavirus, it is usually from trees that they become infected. Whether it is a healthy atmosphere of construction projects with their "social distance" in the cabins. Where is the logic? Not to mention shifting asphalt.

All these questions are obvious and there is no answer. There is no name for any doctor except Sechin's friend Myasnikov, who would work in the "operational headquarters", there is not a single intelligible speech by officials.

There are already too many questions. Isn’t it time to explain? ”

Indeed, it’s almost impossible to understand the logic of the authorities: on the one hand, a self-isolation regime with fines and police violence is declared, on the other - these are photos that show very clearly that it’s not just about any social distance, but even about elementary masks ... This whole situation resembles nonsense, in which, however, the country has been for a very long time.