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Published 9 мая 2020,, 12:37

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May 9 self-isolation: a holiday with tears in the eyes

May 9 self-isolation: a holiday with tears in the eyes

9 мая 2020, 12:37
May 9 in Russia it is not customary to celebrate alone. Moreover - the anniversary: 75 years of Victory. It is important for the older generation to be with relatives and friends on this day.

However, in conditions of quarantine and self-isolation, the violation of which threatens fines, this will most likely be problematic.

Irina Mnishek

For more than a month Galina Vasilega has not been able to secure the right to visit her father bedridden, war veteran Nikolai Amvrosievich Vasilegu, several times a week. “I personally addressed the mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the Moscow City Duma deputy from our region, Maria Kiseleva, and the municipal deputies. All to no avail! If suddenly dad gets worse or an abnormal situation happens - without a pass I break off at night and go to my father, with whom he is now a medical nurse. Tomorrow we will gather together as a family with our father. This is our family tradition. Dad is 98 years old. And no prohibitions will stop us, ”said Galina Nikolaevna“ NI ”.

We wrote about this story ; it found a great response among readers. Here are just officials from the City Hall and the Moscow City Duma are deaf to the problems of the veteran.

“Tomorrow I’ll go to the regional social security office to receive a tablet, which my father decided to give the state on the 75th anniversary of the Victory. What old people will do with tablets, I don’t understand. It would be better if they gave them an extra pass, it’s much more important for them now, ”said Galina Vasilega.

In general, it seems that the fines imposed for violating the quarantine and self-isolation regime have turned into a kind of business for the state. For a week, fines of up to 50 million rubles and up to 12 thousand protocols are issued for violators of the self-isolation regime only in the capital. During the week! These data are not human rights activists. They were proudly confirmed by the head of the main control department of Moscow, Yevgeny Danchikov, on the Russia 24 television channel

“In Moscow, 97 decisions were issued in a month, only one suspect was acquitted. In St. Petersburg, nearly 1.4 thousand citizens and companies were convicted of violating sanitary rules and non-compliance with quarantine restrictions. 566 of them were found guilty, 103 cases were dismissed due to lack of corpus delicti, 83 protocols were returned, ” the Legal Information Agency told“ NI ”.

Most regions followed the example of Moscow and allow citizens to go to the nearest store, pharmacy and seek medical help. In Krasnoyarsk, it is allowed to look after elderly relatives who live in another area without passes. In Tatarstan, using a special system, you can send SMS and get permission to leave the city. In many regions there are no restrictions related to the organization of a funeral.

“At the same time, there are regions, for example, St. Petersburg, where police officers almost watch people in the parks and draw up protocols for everyone, even for those who do not walk there, but shorten the path. They are apparently aimed at the stick system to bring to administrative responsibility. Although the compilation of the protocol should not be an end in itself, ”said Aleksey Glukhov , head of the legal service of Apologia Protest .

Experts agree on one thing: to minimize the fine, before going out, it is better to study the latest regional resolution on the restrictions introduced, which from day to day are becoming more strict and incomprehensible. Here, for example, is the backfill question: is it worth considering a walk with a child legal under conditions of self-isolation? The head of the legal service of Apologia Protest, Aleksey Glukhov, states that “he has not seen a single regional act where such an opportunity would have been spelled out. Therefore, for a walk with children, a fine may also be imposed. ”

I can share my experience: when my husband and daughter went for a walk after a fairly long period of self-isolation, a police patrol approached us with the words: “There are too many of you. Where are you going? ” I had to explain for a long time that the growing child’s body needs oxygen in at least metered amounts, and we go to the store. Then the funniest thing happened. The police began to wonder why we were not going to the nearest store. I had to explain that in the near there is no pizza that we need. “And what can you do without pizza?” One of the police asked.

You know, quarantine quarantine, but when the police begin to give advice on the diet of my family, it’s somehow too much ...

We had to experience another paradox of the throughput system. So, in order to return from the dacha to Moscow, we needed individual QR codes. There were no problems with them. But the pass to the car does not arrive immediately, but a few hours later. "Waiting time up to 5 hours," as stated in the instructions. As a result, we were forced to freeze outside the city for several hours, waiting for a pass to the car ...

But all this, as they say, the little things in life. There are much more serious problems. They are created by an ill-conceived and not fully developed access system. “My friends live in a five-room apartment: a mother, a father, two of their children - a son and daughter - and a grandson. Everyone observes the regime of self-isolation, except for her daughter, who works at the continuous production, ”says my interlocutor Galina Vasilega.“ By the way, what is the point of such self-isolation, can you tell? Every day a person travels in transport, communicates with a huge number of people, goes shopping, and all other family members are sitting at home. All of them are in a one-room apartment in close contact. But this is not so bad. The working daughter suddenly fell ill. Temperature 39, cough. In general, all the signs of coronavirus are evident. They called an ambulance, she took the woman to the hospital. And the principle now is this: they’re being taken not to the place of residence, but to where there are places. Therefore, they brought the woman to a hospital on the outskirts of Moscow, had a CT scan, ascertained a coronavirus in mild form and ... were allowed to be treated at home. Leaving the hospital at 5 in the morning, the woman could not use any transport, since she had neither a pass nor an extract from the hospital. Taxi drivers flatly refused to take her. Finally, some kind of compassionate guest worker took pity and ordered the sick woman to ride in the back seat, ”- said“ NI ” Galina Vasilega, the author of the petition to the Moscow Mayor on easing access control.

“What is happening in our country looks like a new state business - replenishing the budget with fines, making people bankrupt, instead of helping them overcome the economic crisis. In many other countries, no less affected by coronavirus, there are no punitive sanctions for violation of quarantine. For example, Americans deliberately restrict communication and go around each other on the sidewalks. The police will intervene only if a church is opened or a congestion occurs in the park. But no one is arrested, much less fined for being in the park, ” says Anton Burkov, director of the Center for Strategic Legal Cases.

From posts on social networks. Vadim N. Timoshchuk: “ Why is it now possible to go to grocery stores in Moscow and the Moscow Region (even to large Ashan, Metro, Globus), crowded transport can also be used (metro, buses, electric trains), and walk outdoors in a forest park and the forest, observing a much greater distance between people, is PROHIBITED? Why is it believed that leaving the house to breathe is bad? Who will answer me? "

“Now chaos reigns with the access system - in many respects from organizational chaos. No one, including the Supreme Court, regulates the introduced rules, which sometimes need to be adjusted. 30% of the protocols on administrative cases in connection with the violation of quarantine measures are sent by the courts back to the executors. And the police act on the principle that “it’s easier to fine and take a stricter decision than give concessions” - all the more so since no one will punish the police for a strict decision. The situation with the stampede in the Moscow metro showed that by and large the police do not care what happens - the main instructions are to be executed, ” Roman Zakharov, chief editor of the Legal Information Agency (IPA), told NI.

We asked the representative of the IPA how, in his opinion, the police would behave on May 9, on the day of the 75th anniversary of the Victory. “I believe that they will not take strict measures. Law enforcement officials still have, I hope, an understanding that this is a holy holiday. But this does not mean that precautionary measures must not be taken. It will be a shame if war veterans become infected, which is becoming less and less. I hope that they will not be fined even for walks in the parks and other minor violations. In the end, you can simply be warned without any punitive measures, ”the IPA said.