Posted 9 мая 2020, 19:31

Published 9 мая 2020, 19:31

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The figure of the day: during the war, the military tribunal executed 217,080 people

9 мая 2020, 19:31
Not all "grandfathers" survived to Victory. The number of executed is comparable to the losses in the Second World War by the United States

Not all Russian citizens celebrate Victory Day today. Here is what blogger Vsevolod Novgorodtsev wrote :

“Exactly 82 years ago - on May 9, 1938, my grandfather was sentenced to death as an enemy of the people in the Chernihiv prison upon the sentence of the“ troika ”of the court. 4 children remained orphans, then my mother turned 1 year old. When the Germans came in the 41st, the grandfather's brother became a colaborant and fought against the Red Army until the end of the war. All in all, in the USSR to the highest degree of punishment in 1937-1938. 681 thousand 692 people were sentenced. 934 people a day. Or every hour for two years 38 people were killed ... "

Meanwhile, the historian Mark Solonin, referring to the work of the Soviet military lawyer Vyacheslav Zvyagintsev “The war on the scales of Themis,” calculated:

“During the war, the courts of the military tribunal convicted 2,530,683 people. Only 993,300 people were military, more than 1.5 million civilians (mainly under the 58th article “counter-revolutionary activity; the three-spikelet law of 1932; Article 73“ resistance to the authorities ”;“ dissemination of false rumors ”;“ unauthorized leaving work "; and other crimes)

According to the verdicts of the courts, 217,080 people were shot !!!! And this is not counting those killed by detachments, during interrogations in the NKVD, commanders on the battlefield, during shipment, transportation, etc.

To realize the horror of this madness, it is enough to understand that this is the number of adult male population in countries such as Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Finland.

Of the 217 thousand executed, 135 thousand (10 divisions) are military personnel. 82 thousand civilians - mainly "counter-revolutionaries".

The number of those executed is comparable to the losses of the allies in the European theater of operations! ”