Posted 10 мая 2020,, 11:46

Published 10 мая 2020,, 11:46

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

"By mistake": Facebook apologized for removing the Soviet Flag photo over the Reichstag

"By mistake": Facebook apologized for removing the Soviet Flag photo over the Reichstag

10 мая 2020, 11:46
The photo in which a Soviet soldier hoists the Victory Banner over the Reichstag was deleted from Facebook user posts by mistake and has already been restored, the company’s official said.

On May 8, users of the social network reported that Facebook was deleting a photo of the Great Patriotic war correspondent Yevgeny Chaldey, who captured the installation of the red flag over the Reichstag. Posts were blocked under the pretext that “they violate community norms regarding dangerous people and organizations”.

- This content was deleted by mistake with our automated violation detection tools and is now restored. We apologize to users for any inconvenience that has arisen in this regard, TASS quoted the Facebook representative as saying.

The company explained that in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, employees who worked on content verification were temporarily sent home, and they had to rely on a “robot”.

“We want our platform to remain a safe place to keep people connected with each other in this situation, so at the moment we rely more on our automated systems for detecting and removing content that violates community standards,” the company said.

We recall that the famous photograph was taken by Eugene Chaldea on May 2, 1945 on the instructions of TASS. The flag itself on the Reichstag building was installed on April 30.

Earlier, Facebook began to remove publications about protests because of the coronavirus.