Posted 10 мая 2020,, 11:45

Published 10 мая 2020,, 11:45

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Pirates attacked Russian sailors near the coast of Africa

Pirates attacked Russian sailors near the coast of Africa

10 мая 2020, 11:45
Two Russian ships with Russian citizens on board - the cargo ship Rio Mitong under the flag of the Comoros and the research Djiblonto - were captured in the Gulf of Guinea.

This is reported by Dryad Global, referring to its sources, "highly trusted".

According to the portal, pirates abducted two crew members of Rio Mitong, who was standing in the port of Malabo, supposedly a Russian and a Ukrainian. In addition, on May 9, two Russian officers with Djiblonto, located on the Luba port roadstead , could be abducted .

“At this stage, it is unclear which incident occurred first and whether the attack was carried out by the same group,” the authors of the publication said.

It is also reported that over the past two days, the number of reports on ships that "acted suspiciously" has increased. In total, 52 people were abducted in the region as a result of crimes at sea.

Later, the Russian embassy confirmed information about the abduction of citizens of the Russian Federation.

- On board (Rio Mitong) were three citizens, an electrician, a Russian, was kidnapped. Two of the wounded are in hospital - leads RIA Novosti representative of the Embassy of the word, which has confirmed the kidnapping and Russians with Djibloho vessel.

We recall that earlier pirates freed three Russian sailors captured off the coast of Cameroon and delivered to Germany.

Note that last year a decrease in the number of attacks by pirates on mariners was recorded. In total, 119 attacks were recorded, while in 2018, pirates attacked 156 times.

“Over three quarters of 2019, pirates managed to get on board 95 ships, ten opened fire, ten more tried to capture, four hijacked”, - the Russian Professional Union of Sailors stated.