Posted 10 мая 2020,, 11:48

Published 10 мая 2020,, 11:48

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President Putin: “There is no need to grab onto our heroic past”

President Putin: “There is no need to grab onto our heroic past”

10 мая 2020, 11:48
Russia's national idea is patriotism, President Vladimir Putin is convinced. However, this patriotism should not be "leavened and musty."

"Yes, patriotism. I think there can be nothing else. But patriotism should not be leavened, musty and sour”, - the head of state answered the question about what is the national idea in an interview for the program “ Moscow. Kremlin. Putin".

The president specified that “patriotism consists in devoting oneself to the development of the country, its movement forward”.

At the same time, Vladimir Putin believes that one should not clutch at the “heroic past”.

“This does not mean at all that we need to grab hold of our heroic past all the time, we must look into our equally heroic and successful future, and this is the key to success,” he noted.

Recall that “Love for the Motherland,” the head of state called May 8 the basis of life for Russians. He expressed confidence that the whole history of the country is based on this distinguishing feature.

Recall, earlier, Vladimir Putin said that thanks to patriotism, Russia was able to avoid "collapse and collapse" in the 90s. In December 2019, Putin expressed the opinion that patriotism is the only possible ideology of modern society. A year earlier, the head of state called the feeling of patriotism "the core of genetic memory."