Posted 11 мая 2020,, 04:54

Published 11 мая 2020,, 04:54

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COVID-19 was a duplication of the matrix of the Great Patriotic War

11 мая 2020, 04:54
The history of the struggle of Russia with the epidemic of coronavirus is very reminiscent of the history of the war

Dmitry Milin, analyst

The fight against COVID-19 is a duplication of the "matrix" of the Second World War, 75 years after its end.

The dock-like "optimization" of medicine is an analogue of the pre-Stalinist repressions against the command of the Red Army, when the authorities killed the professional military, but in a new way, now they simply closed the infectious diseases hospitals "as unnecessary", firing professional doctors.

The reaction to the belated entry into the pandemic is an analogue of the pre-war "cap-slaughter" ("our tanks are fast", "war on foreign territory"). Now that today or tomorrow we will come in second place after the United States in terms of the number of cases, the irresponsibility of our authorities in February-March 2020, similar to Stalin's irresponsibility before June 22, 1941, becomes apparent.

The lack of personal protective equipment for the medical staff is a repeat of the 1941 story when units with "one rifle for seven" were thrown into battle.

The huge numbers of infected and dead "on the front line" medical personnel are a reproduction of the terrible victims of the Red Army in the summer-fall of 1941.

Attraction by the authorities of students who failed to prepare for the epidemic, just like Stalin and his gang failed to prepare for the Second World War, plugged front breaks, throwing poorly trained cadets into battle.

Campaigning for volunteers to fulfill the duties of the state in an informal emergency, this is an analogue of replacing a red army personnel with a militia.

Well, and the "cherry on the cake" - this is the supply of American ventilators and American components for our ventilators - this is an analogue of the Lend-Lease, without which, according to "Stalin", we would lose the war.

In fact, the inability to conduct an independent fight against the virus was again demonstrated, as it was before the war without the help of allies. Correction of errors and crimes of the authorities by human victims. The low value of the life of doctors, as then a soldier for the authorities, again creating a "cult of personality" and imperious imperiousness, by the same means of total propaganda.

I hope this time during the Russian pandemic, it still will not demonstrate the largest number of infected (28-40 million) and the largest number of deaths from COVID-19, as happened during WW2.

Although with these authorities repeating the same mistakes and crimes of Stalin, there is little hope that we will not repeat such a terrible leadership.

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