Posted 11 мая 2020, 13:26

Published 11 мая 2020, 13:26

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Mortality in Moscow reached a ten-year high

11 мая 2020, 13:26
In April this year, mortality in Moscow increased by 15.5% compared with the same month last year. According to statistics, in the past month, the Moscow registry offices recorded 11,846 deaths. This is the highest figure for April in the last ten years.

Such data is given by the site of the Moscow government. Last year, this figure was 10,005. Over the entire decade, an average of 9,866 deaths in April.

We note that over the past day, 56 patients with confirmed coronavirus infection died in the capital. The country ranks fifth in the spread of coronavirus.

The mortality rate from the coronavirus in Russia was 0.9%. This is below the performance of many European countries, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. However, official data raise doubts among doctors. For example, Moscow doctor Andrei Volna wondered why the country has such a low mortality rate from COVID-19. Medic was supported by the authors of the comments on his post.

- The only conclusion from the analysis is that all these numbers are a lie, and so clumsy that it only surprises that someone is trying to consider these numbers as the source for the analysis, - wrote another physician, Eugene Genera.