Posted 12 мая 2020,, 08:31

Published 12 мая 2020,, 08:31

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Na2CO3 vs СOVID-19: people still believe in fake about the wonderful properties of soda

Na2CO3 vs СOVID-19: people still believe in fake about the wonderful properties of soda

12 мая 2020, 08:31
Scientists have long denied rumors about the wonderful properties of soda that can withstand coronavirus, but people still believe in them.

It is well known that in any catastrophic situation, whether it be a natural disaster, a war, or, as in our case, an epidemic, various salvation recipes begin to appear and spread widely. The coronavirus pandemic is no exception: at first there was "information" about the wonderful properties of ginger, supposedly giving no chance of infection penetrating your body, then about tobacco, then about soda ... The trouble is that the refutation of experts practically does not affect the spread fakes, since a miraculous and quick cure looks psychologically much more attractive than painstaking adherence to hygiene standards and quarantine rules. It would seem that about the “healing” properties of the same soda refutation, many refutations were published two and a half, and a month ago, however - it again and again floats to the surface ...

Here is the latest example, and the famous blogger and journalist Alexander Nikonov writes about him:

“Well, gentlemen, here is the second way to deal with the virus. Now another social recipe for slaughter prophylaxis of coronavirus is being distributed on social networks - from the Ivanovo professor and MD Gennady Yudin (there is such a person, I checked: "Gennady Vasilievich Yudin is an Ivanovo doctor, doctor of medical sciences, professor, who for many years headed the department of topographic anatomy of Ivanovo IGMI (now IvSMA), author of numerous scientific publications and inventions, honored inventor of the USSR.") . I give his recipe in a small abbreviation:

“I am ignorant in virology. But I have a direct relation to medicine: I, Yudin Gennady Vasilievich, doctor of medical sciences, professor - transplantologist, honored inventor of the USSR, for 30 years led two departments at the medical academy, I have thousands of pupils, former students. And I became so ashamed that I, the inventor, professor cannot help my former students, and now the doctors, who are dying with my patients. And I decided to make “the remnants of my senile brain” and developed a “Method for the prevention and treatment of coronavirus disease at its early stage by destroying the virus in the nasopharynx by exposure to high temperatures” ...

Covid-19 is an RNA molecule coated with a lipid (fat) membrane. At a temperature of +60 degrees, he dies after 10 minutes. In the first 4-6 days, penetrating the human body by airborne droplets, viruses are located in the saliva of the oral cavity and nasopharynx mucus, from where they are taken to diagnose infection. Then, with inspiration, viruses descend down the respiratory tract and invade inside the alveolar cells ...

I propose: destroy, inactivate viruses that have not yet invaded the cells by exposure to temperatures of + 80 + 90 degrees, previously dissolving their lipid membrane with soda. The method is as follows. The doctor of the infectious diseases department who comes into contact with infected covid-19 patients all day comes home ... pour 1 liter of cold cold water into the kettle, pour 1 tablespoon of drinking soda into it, put the kettle on gas and bring to a boil. Then he bends his nose and mouth over the kettle and breathes in steam for 15 minutes. It is clear that such an inhalation session can be carried out at any time by any person, reliably inactivating all viruses that enter the nasopharynx.

At the same time, soda dissolves the lipid membrane of the virus, and hot steam literally “cooks naked viruses” in hot saliva and mucus ... On the night of March 16-17, 2020, when only the first rumors appeared about a pandemic, I woke up from the fact that I was squeezed by the chest and I can not take a deep breath. In the morning I got dressed and went to the pharmacy (500 m).

There was such shortness of breath that I stopped five times there and back. All this was accompanied by a dry, frequent "bitter" cough. At the same time, there were no symptoms such as a runny nose, fever, headache . Arriving home, without hesitation I did the usual session of the described soda inhalation, repeating it at lunch and in the evening. The condition has improved markedly. On March 17, I repeated inhalations three times. By evening, the symptoms disappeared , and I forgot about this unpleasant event. Why did I not hesitate to resort to this procedure?

The fact is that in our village in the Oryol region, all colds in children and adults were treated in one way: breathing steam over a pot of boiled potatoes ... Later, when I began to justify my method, I realized that I was infected with covert-19, which was cured by repeated inhalations of hot water-soda steam in the very early stages of the disease for two days. This was confirmed by the case of the treatment of similar symptoms of my retired niece, who complied with my recommendations and was also cured in two days ... "

Well and so on, in the same vein ...

Meanwhile, another well-known doctor Yevgeny Komarovsky in early April warned that lemon and soda are not able to protect people from COVID-19. He noted that one should not believe in such fakes, otherwise you can not cure yourself, but rather, further aggravate the condition.

A solution of soda with lemon has no effective effect on a viral infection. The prophylactic and therapeutic properties of such solutions have not been recorded, ” says Ivan Konovalov, an infectious disease doctor. “It will not protect those who do not get sick from coronavirus, but it will not help those who get sick ...

Refute the version that soda can kill COVID-19, and research by scientists from the University of Hong Kong, who published in March a study called "SARS-Cov-2 virus stability under various environmental conditions."

“We found that the COVID-19 virus is extremely resistant to a wide range of pH values at room temperature,” it says.

According to scientists, the virus survived for an hour by contact with acids and alkalis, which have a pH of three to ten. The most effective means to kill the virus are antiseptics, soap and temperature. The soda method will not be able to help you, even if you will disinfect objects and surfaces. In addition, soda will not save you even with a gargle, this method does not work, although many believe in it.

However, of course, this is a matter of faith...