Posted 13 мая 2020,, 14:25

Published 13 мая 2020,, 14:25

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Ministry of Internal Affairs will replace expired rights and passports by the end of the year

Ministry of Internal Affairs will replace expired rights and passports by the end of the year

13 мая 2020, 14:25
Replacement of Russian driver’s licenses and expired passports will be carried out before the end of the year.

As indicated in the document published on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts, this measure is necessary in order to avoid queues in the Ministry of Internal Affairs from July 15. For half a year, on average, about four million passports and driver's licenses are issued across the country. It is noted that passports will be issued to Russians within an hour after receiving all the documents, a driver's license can be obtained immediately after passing the exam. Reception will be carried out by appointment by phone or on the portal of State Services.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin extended the validity of these documents, which turned out to be invalid during self-isolation, until July 15. “Nowadays, people are not up to bureaucratic formalities and walks of authority,” the president said. However, the Russians were unable to use the expired passport at the banks, since the Central Bank did not explain how to serve the population with invalid passports.

Difficulties arose among Russians and on the roads. Traffic police officers refused to follow Putin’s decree, noting that expired rights would be valid, you need to leave a statement on the State Service portal stating that the driver plans to replace them after self-isolation. However, you cannot do this on the State Services portal without a medical certificate. Get it during a pandemic also does not work, all hospitals are reoriented to treat patients with coronavirus. As a result, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation joined in, which forbade traffic cops to fine drivers with expired rights.