Posted 12 мая 2020,, 21:20

Published 12 мая 2020,, 21:20

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Sanitary and epidemiological violations were detected in three Moscow construction companies

Sanitary and epidemiological violations were detected in three Moscow construction companies

12 мая 2020, 21:20
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The Moscow prosecutor sent warnings to three metropolitan construction companies, recalling the mandatory measures to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and warned them of further inadmissibility of violations. The names of construction companies are not given.

Today, in accordance with the decision of the Moscow authorities, industrial enterprises and construction sites resumed work in the capital, despite the fact that the level of detected cases of coronavirus infection remains high. In recent days, he fluctuated at the level of 5000-6000 new cases per day, every day more than 50 people die from coronavirus.

Three construction companies were warned by the press service of the Moscow prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor’s office recalled that according to the decree of the mayor of the city, Sergei Sobyanin, construction company managers must comply with sanitary legislation, take measures aimed at preventing infection among employees, and ensure the safety of work performed and the services provided for human health, RBC notes .

This means that the leaders of construction companies must provide employees at workplaces with personal protective equipment for hands and respiratory organs, measure their temperature before starting work and monitor their observance of social distance during it. H arushenie the sanitary-epidemiological legislation, failure to comply with the additional measures and restrictions to combat the spread of the coronavirus can further exacerbate the epidemiological situation in Moscow. " In this regard, the prosecutor’s office sent the heads of three large metropolitan construction companies warnings about the inadmissibility of a violation of the law, officials have been warned of responsibility for not taking measures to protect human life and health," the statement said.

At the beginning of April , the editorial board of Novye Izvestia received a copy of a letter from the chairman of TSN (partnership of real estate owners) Bolshevik to Andrei Nechaev, director of the Financial Services Marekkon LTD group O1, whose workers have been working in plain sight for the entire non-working week all as if nothing had happened.

“Workers pose a potential threat to the spread of the virus,” the head of the partnership wrote to Nechaev, noting that “they live in change houses with all signs of unsanitary conditions.” They don’t have masks or gloves. And there is a big doubt that someone was instructed about the rules pandemic behaviors.

And then these same workers from close cabins and a hostel meet with residents of neighboring houses in nearby shops and public transport, they also directly communicate with representatives of cleaning services and building security. And the transmission of coronavirus is quite likely, and in this state of affairs it is a matter of time at all. The Moscow prosecutor's office and Mosgosstroynadzor promised to check the construction of the O1 company for compliance with the law.

Vice Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, who previously worked on the team of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin as vice mayor of Moscow, called on him to comply with sanitary standards and monitor the epidemiological situation at resuming construction sites, RIA Novosti notes . “I separately ask the leadership of the regions to pay special attention to safety measures at construction sites after lifting quarantine restrictions and constantly monitor the situation at construction sites,” he said. At the same time, Twitter users today reproached Sergei Sobyanin that he himself appeared today at a construction site in a mask, but without gloves, which now, under the threat of fines, should be worn by all Muscovites in public places.