Posted 13 мая 2020,, 13:04

Published 13 мая 2020,, 13:04

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

“They didn’t whine earlier”: a Saratov official was fired for the commenting on families with children

“They didn’t whine earlier”: a Saratov official was fired for the commenting on families with children

13 мая 2020, 13:04
Another message about the dismissal of an official came from the Russian region.

Following the deputy mayor of Novorossiysk, grilling kebabs at a recreation center during self-isolation, the Saratov employee of the Center for Youth Initiatives Lidia Buzovchuk, who wrote a sharp comment on social payments to families with children, lost her job.

- Previously, authorities never gave money for giving birth, they didn’t gave any kind of maternity capital, - and they didn’t whine, but now everyone owes to those who give birth. And the more you get, the more you want! It would be better if they helped pensioners who paid taxes and have worked during all their lives”, - wrote Buzovchuk (pictured) under the pseudonym “Lidia Prozorova” about the payments made by President Vladimir Putin to the families with children amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Acting head of the Engels district Alexei Strelnikov said that the official was removed from work.

Buzovchuk's comment provoked indignation of the State Duma deputy from the region Nikolai Pankov. He wrote in his Telegram that he did not understand how a person who holds a position in a municipal center working with youth can allow himself such statements.

The vice-governor of the Saratov region Igor Pivovarov demanded that the official be fired, saying that the employee could not communicate with people in that tone.

Political scientist Alexander Panteleev called Buzovchuk "an unprofessional man."

“The official who wrote such a comment is simply not a professional person, a professional official would never have done that”, - quoted Kommersant as a political scientist.

He also noted that similar incidents would not have occurred if "the cadres were selected not by personal devotion or party merits, but by professional qualities."

Recall that the State Duma deputies proposed to fine officials for insults up to 150 thousand rubles. Moreover, offensive statements made on social networks, as well as on other Internet sites, according to the bill introduced in the State Duma, will be considered a public insult.