Posted 13 мая 2020,, 13:35

Published 13 мая 2020,, 13:35

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TV Discovery: stalinism and humanism = brothers forever

TV Discovery: stalinism and humanism = brothers forever

13 мая 2020, 13:35
The celebration of Victory Day in our country is becoming more and more nervous, but as nervous as it was on the departed May 9, it probably never was.

Sergey Mitrofanov

Here is how Andrey Kolesnikov, a personal writer on matter of everyday life of Vladimir Putin described this day: “After the Russian anthem, helicopters and airplanes flew in the same silence, and now it looked, without exaggeration, creepy. On TV, the presenters must have been animatingly discussing all this, but here, above the empty Red Square, these airplanes, flying with a heavy roar, evoked a feeling of oppression. I thought again that I would not like to see this again someday”

For some reason, the overclocking of clouds did not work out that day.

The clouds themselves dispersed on May 10, and on May 9 hung lead, heavy. But the worst part of this is that in the outside world somehow no one even responded to the Moscow celebrations at all, did not pay tribute to the world-wide historical victory of the USSR, and US President Donald Trump even pinned himself, said that in the Second World War, the Americans and the British won, without mentioning the "gain" of the Stalinist USSR.

Our TV, of course, could not endure this, and clung to Trump's embarrassing expression in order to arrange a great hype, and even draw the West to the account in full. Nothing surprising in this, however, was noticed - for many years now, the defense of the USSR’s victory in Russia has been growing, but it’s amazing that this time American started Nick. Zlobin, who until now seemed perfectly sane.

He is also the first who proposed to recall the Russian ambassador from America, as well as call the American ambassador to Moscow and somehow wind him up. Such proposals of liberal Zlobin, it seems to me, were amazed even by telecasts like Kurginyan and Bagdasarov, and Solovyov was somewhat puzzled, suspecting a trick. Personally, I can explain this feint of the sly Zlobin only that he, apparently, is not a supporter of Trump and in this situation found a great opportunity to put a pig on the road of Trump and Putin's intensively developing bilateral relations.

As for Trump’s “awkward thesis,” then maybe he’s not that awkward. Trump only said that the United States and England won the Second World War. But this is true truth - they won! They not only came out with minimal losses and not only saved their economies, but also gave them a good impetus. As a result of the war, the Great Western World was formed.

And the USSR? But the USSR also won. No doubt about it. However, when the armies went home, each went to build something of his own. The British, Americans, French and West Germans are an open society of relative private prosperity. And the USSR - somersault in its totalitarianism. The “losers” of the West Germans were already resting in world resorts in the 1960s, and their currency was freely converted. In the victorious USSR at that time they thought how to feed the population.

Yes, the USSR also won the Second World War, and its contribution to the overall victory is enormous, especially in the human dimension, which, in fact, looked very much like some kind of sacrifice, and no one obviously interferes in Russia about this beat drums, parade divers along the river bottom, fly over Red Square with airplanes, descend into the Mariana Trench with the St. George ribbon and arrange fireworks. But nobody is also going to share this joy with proud proud Russia, because at the same time old problems come up, especially those related to the outbreak of war, and new ones like Crimea and Donbass are added to them. And the West has other tasks - constructive cooperation, the moon, over there, will soon have to be divided.

Yes, here's another aspect.

In Russia, they propose to recall the Russian ambassador because of Trump's jubilee words, where he did not mention the USSR, although he had perfectly mentioned and personally congratulated Putin by telegram the days before. Whereas the West should, apparently, withdraw all of its ambassadors from Russia - because of the publications that go on CONSTANTLY here.

Poland - due to the fact that Katyn shooting was not recognized in Russia and memorial plaques reminiscent of this tragedy were knocked down exactly before the holiday. France - because they say about her that she, as a prostitute, lay under Germany (while she fought in Africa and continued to keep the Norman coast for a considerable time). The USA and England - because they write about them in Russia that they fled to enter into military alliances with Hitler, and indeed the golem racists themselves. Like, they torment blacks, Indians and Indians.

Moreover, the USSR always wrote that the Second World War was not a war of “socialism” and democracies, to which — oh, a miracle! - the USSR joined on the side of democracies. And the war of the capitalists with the country of victorious October, so that it does not give the world the light of truth. Although at first it was the USSR that got involved in this war on the side of the “socialist” aggressor against ... the capitalists, but, fortunately for subsequent interpretations of its History, it changed its mind.

And today, the odious author of RIA Novosti, Marakhovsky, not far from this thesis:

“... Nazism, in spite of all its supposedly modernism, actually acted as a mercenary of a very old and traditional," former "Europe and the" former "West. And many, very many in the West liked this very much . ”

After these words, I would definitely recall the ambassadors or, in any case, I would seriously speak with the official representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry . (You guessed it - I just mirror the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.)

Suppose Marakhovsky is crazy, he is not invited to Solovyov, but Kurginyan does not crawl out of Solovyov. And his thesis is that, as if, having hoisted a banner on the Reichstag, the USSR approved humanism in the world, which was not born there. Why he got that Stalinism is equal to humanism is not very clear. Rather, it is clear that this is his personal ideological provocation. But, if we recall how school essays about the war were written in the USSR, then reflections on who approved what were not welcomed at all.

Won and Basta! The bastards attacked - and we beat them. It was only when Mikhail Roma’s documentary film “Ordinary Fascism”, 1965, followed by “Seventeen Moments of Spring”, 1973, about the adventures of the Soviet Standartenfuhrer Max Otto von Stirlitz, as if cast in German form, that people began to think about the incredible political similarity of the regimes , their identical architecture, their real ethical and political principles.

In this regard, the story of Andrei Platonov always seemed very symbolic to me, by the way, published in the Soviet newspaper and for a long time considered quite patriotic. It described how an explosion bombarded the German and Soviet soldiers with earth, and here they are, two strangers who have absolutely no personal reason to hate, find each other in pitch darkness without air and begin to choke. Naturally, no humanistic ideas arose. The question of what the world will become when the winner crawls out of the funnel is also postponed to a distant future.

Today, the West (partly, of course, from pragmatic, selfish considerations — it needs to do business in the global world) has ceased to regard the victory in the Second World War as a kind of victory of the righteous over sinners. Children are not responsible for their fathers - neither in terms of the heroic, nor in terms of the criminal. Everyone who is righteous for us today. All who are against the Free World are sinners. Former German Interior Minister and member of the Free Democratic Party Gerhart Baum is not shy about talking about the defeat of Germany as liberation. The war ceased to be the heroism of a narrow circle of seventy-five-year-old winners, and turned into a common tragedy of yesterday's nations and their mental mistake in the past. Especially when you consider that in the background you have both the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and the Munich Agreement.

Victory, therefore, is no longer a feast. But here’s the trouble: for Putin’s Russia, the USSR’s victory quickly plunging into the past is still an occasion for some geopolitical exclusivity and legitimization of all future shares in the division of the world and the Universe. A feeling of something together with her cannot share the rest of the world community.