Posted 14 мая 2020,, 15:10

Published 14 мая 2020,, 15:10

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Pay, pay, pay ... What real "aid" does the power render to business

Pay, pay, pay ... What real "aid" does the power render to business

14 мая 2020, 15:10
Never once, in anything, anywhere, on a jot did the government do any relaxation, improvements, benefits, assistance and support of business in the country, said the entrepreneur.

Vyacheslav Chernov, an entrepreneur and civil activist from Kuzbass, threw a retrospective look at the history of his business on his blog and was horrified:

“I looked at a minute clipping from a new appeal, where Putin offers measures to support the population in the current circumstances. As long as I remember myself as an entrepreneur, I non-stop listen to how Putin supports me.

What does it look like in practice?

For all the years of my entrepreneurial activity, and this, no less no less - since 2003, taxes have always only increased. Tariffs for land rental increased all the time. Once it became obvious that an urgent need to redeem. But then the cadastral value began to grow. At such a pace that procrastination in ransom began to threaten ruin. Electricity has grown so much that it has already begun to seem as if power engineers have become co-owners of my business. If ten years ago, as an entrepreneur, I could take out loans in the amount of about 10 million, but now it’s not easy to take at least 1 million.

Constant new requirements. Install such an alarm, and now this. New requisitions: first, you can without a cashier, and then be sure to buy a cashier, and then be sure to buy another cashier, into which you need to insert an electronic unit costing a separate cashier, and change the unit every year, and now forget about this cashier - buy a new, electronic one. Now draw up a safety data sheet for objects. Now order an assessment of working conditions.

And all this is a continuous succession. Every year, everything is new and new and new. Pay, pay, pay ... If earlier every year it was possible to accumulate funds for further investment, now simply work to feed the family. And this, I note, in the absence of a drop in income.

In recent years, even tin. The regional authorities began almost military operations, at first prohibiting any further development and reconstruction at all, and now they even presented an ultimatum so that I voluntarily renounced the property, otherwise it would be taken away by force.

Not once, in anything, nowhere, not a bit - no indulgences, improvements, benefits, help, support. Only systematic and persistent tightening of nuts and asphyxiation.

The only question Putin can solve is the one with which you will personally address him. But he was long surrounded by a dense ring of persons who monopolized the right to personal appeal. They constantly use this right and they are all more than wonderful. The remaining 145 million unfortunate people call a direct line once a year, write petitions, stand with posters, crawl on their knees or occasionally come out in small groups to rake down the backs with batons of the Russian Guards..."