Posted 15 мая 2020, 23:17

Published 15 мая 2020, 23:17

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Question of the day: how will Russian Muslims celebrate Uraza Bayram?

15 мая 2020, 23:17
Only 10 days are left until the main Muslim holiday, a pandemic during this time will not disappear.

An important question was asked by the popular Moscow blogger Ilya Valiyev:

“Until Uraza Bayram only 10 days are left. In Moscow there are about 2 million of Muslim guest workers. I demand to prohibit a holiday for them! Multinational city? Moscowbad? So what?! The Easter and Victory Day were not celebrated due to the pandemic, but Uraza-Bayram will be, or what?"

And indeed, usually, hundreds of thousands of Moscow Muslims gather for holiday prayer and sacrifice only on Prospect Mira avenue near the Cathedral Mosque. And if during the normal times local residents are forced to put up with this, then in the midst of a pandemic, such a perspective really frightens. Yes, it seems that an online broadcast of the ceremony is scheduled for this day on May 27, but the blogger is afraid that not all Muslims will like this celebration and they will nevertheless go to mosques. And then trouble cannot be avoided ...

"I, we, Muscovites, demand to ban Uraza Bayram in Moscow!" - Valiyev completed his appeal.