Posted 15 мая 2020,, 22:45

Published 15 мая 2020,, 22:45

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The destruction of the middle class will backfire on the state this summer

15 мая 2020, 22:45
Having defeated the middle class in Russia and virtually destroyed it by the ten-year “stagnation” of the “lost 2010s”, as well as by two devaluations in 2014 and 2020, Putin simultaneously destroyed “stability”, which was highly valued by his supporters, both economic and political.

Dmity Milin

The large middle class of wealthy citizens who were materially independent from the state was the basis of political stability in all countries of the world. However, the ongoing process of globalization led to a significant stratification of income in society and a decrease in the share of the middle class around the world, which brought political systems into motion even in democratic states, which was clearly manifested in the United States with the election of “unsystematic” Trump and in France with the election of “unsystematic” Macron, as well as the emergence of the mass movement of "yellow vests" the basis of which was made up of people who fell out of the lower stratum of the middle class.

However, only in Russia did the state itself begin to destroy the middle class that arose and became stronger during the "well-fed 2000s".

This was facilitated by public discontent with the “reverse castling” in violation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, falsified in favor of the EP in the 2011 elections, at its peak reached the famous rally on Bolotnaya Square, which changed everything in Russia. Although the protesters did not dispute Putin’s victory in principle, the protesters doubted 63% of the votes for Putin announced by the CEC of the Russian Federation, which contained significant and visible falsifications in the statistics.

Putin’s fear of losing power has led to a chain of political mistakes that have caused the current situation in Russia. By and large, the problem of “Bolotnaya”, which expressed dissatisfaction with the middle class (which the propagandists dubbed “creaks”), Putin could eliminate with his speech to the protesters in the style of “I’m the president of all Russians, and I’m ready to act in your best interests too,” as well as inviting leaders “ Swamp ”at his inauguration.

However, Putin’s fear conquered and led first to a brutal dispersal of the Bolotnaya rally, then to a fight against the “creative class” with coercion to emigrate or marginalize dissenters, then to the “Crimean” as an attempt to “gather the nation”, then to the “massacre in New Russia” ”, Then to the“ Syrian adventure ”, sanctions, counter-sanctions and the beginning of the confrontation between the state and its own middle class.

The economic policy of nationalization of the economy, which led to the “stagnation” of the “lost 2010s”, as well as two devaluations of 2014 and 2020 due to external shocks, while raising taxes and introducing new levies (“people are new oil”), confiscation pension savings, strengthening regulatory oppression led to a sharp reduction in the middle class of materially independent citizens independent of the state.

The lower stratum of the middle class was shifted to the border between poverty and poverty, the middle stratum moved into the category of the poor, only the upper, small stratum of the middle class managed to remain at the level of the middle class.

And now, during the economic crisis associated with the pandemic and falling oil prices, our state found itself in a situation where there is no majority in it that can survive a couple of months without income. But there is an insignificant minority of indecent (and largely illegal) rich people, and the majority of poor and poor people who have no savings even for food and housing and communal services for 2-3 months of forced unemployment due to the regime of forced "self-isolation".

And in order to avoid a social explosion, the state must take on the content of the majority, for which Russia does not and never will have resources.

So the victory over the middle class in order to maintain power put Russia on the brink of a social explosion. The lack of livelihoods for most citizens will affect this summer ...

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