Posted 16 мая 2020, 11:29

Published 16 мая 2020, 11:29

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“There is nothing to get here. We capitulate! ”: Rogozin appraised Trump’s statement about a“ super-duper missile”

16 мая 2020, 11:29
US President Donald Trump announced the creation of a “super-duper missile”, which will be faster than all possible counterparts. The head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin commented on the meme statement of the American leader.

- No, well, we have nothing to do against the super-duper missile. We give up! - Rogozin wrote on his Twitter.

In addition to the head of the Russian state corporation, according to Trump, there were other users who admitted that such expressions are usually characteristic for children.

Recall that Donald Trump promised during the ceremony of presenting the new flag of the US Space Forces that the same “super-duper rocket” will be 17 times faster than all existing ones.

- I call it a super duper missile. And I heard recently that it is 17 times faster than what we have now, if we take for comparison the fastest missile that is currently available, - said the American president, adding that this missile under the development will be almost three times faster than the Russian or Chinese.

We note that many expressions of Rogozin himself have long creeped into memes on the net. For example, the head of Roscosmos claimed that “special cats work for us at every aircraft factory so that not a single American mouse sniffs”, and said about the situation in the Russian industry that “space chiefs have long been in their“ space ”.

Perhaps the most loud statement by Rogozin was his answer to the head of the Audit Chamber, Alexei Kudrin, who noted that over 40% of all violations identified in 2017 - 760 billion rubles - accounted for by Roskosmos.

- Everything has already been stolen before us, - Rogozin explained, referring to the fact that he headed the state corporation recently and did not have time to restore order in it.