Posted 17 мая 2020, 11:18

Published 17 мая 2020, 11:18

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Chelyabinsk ambulance drivers complain to the UK about unpaid allowances

17 мая 2020, 11:18
In Chelyabinsk the ambulance drivers who turned to the Prosecutor General’s Office with a request to verify the “lack of money” in the received payments for work during the pandemic informed on the situation to the regional Investigative Committee (IC).

Previously, instead of the required 25 thousand rubles, drivers received different amounts - from two thousand to 17 thousand rubles. They are sure that the size of incentive payments has been reduced unreasonably. A statement was signed by 41 drivers, Kommersant reports, referring to Alexey Pryanishnikov, a lawyer for the Rights Protection Postcard association, who represents the applicants.

The lawyer said that the statement was sent to the regional Investigation Department after the head of the Federal Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, ordered "to check the facts of non-payment of monetary compensation to health workers involved in the treatment of patients with COVID-19."

Drivers write that “they are extremely concerned about the decision of the employer to pay a bonus to wages in the amount of 25 thousand rubles. not in full, but only partially, depending on the confirmed cases of coronavirus in patients transported by us. ” The authors of the appeal emphasize that every day they are at risk of contracting a coronavirus - the cars do not have a partition separating the cab from the passenger compartment, and drivers also help transfer patients on a stretcher.

We recall that on May 8, the regional prosecutor’s office began checking after a collective statement by ambulance drivers. Drivers complained about employers, the Chelyabmedtrans organization, which did not fully pay them the required allowances.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to pay 80 thousand rubles a month to all doctors for working with patients with coronavirus, nurses and paramedics were supposed to receive 50 thousand rubles each, and 25,000 additional nurses were waiting for the increase.

On May 15, the head of state reprimanded the heads of regions for not fully communicating the promised allowances to doctors.

The Investigative Committee began checks on the facts of non-payment of compensations to doctors in more than ten regions of Russia, TASS reports.