Posted 16 мая 2020,, 21:40

Published 16 мая 2020,, 21:40

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Pic of the day: children in France are sitting in the "squares"

Pic of the day: children in France are sitting in the "squares"

16 мая 2020, 21:40
A photo flew around the net from France: kids are playing on the playground, each child is sitting in a square drawn with a chalk, at a decent distance from the rest.

Many users decided that this was a kind of a fake, but, alas, soon it became clear that the photo with the "kids in the squares" was not staged.

Thus the teachers of the kindergarten of the city of Tourcoing began to implement the recommendations of the local authorities regarding the observance of social distance after the removal of the two-month quarantine.

The author of the picture is @BFMTV / @RMCinfo journalist Lionel Top. His post on Twitter has collected more than 15 thousand retweets and over 45 thousand likes.

In Lionel profile there are other photos and posts on this topic.

Here are the comments the French write under this tweet:

@antoinediotbw: This photo will later fall into the history books about our time period and become an illustration of this strange situation...

@nanougribouille: Sacrificing at the altar of economics...

@Mazagan_Ft: This hurts children much more than staying at home.

@ nadchris34: We just have no choice: you have to leave your child in such conditions and go to work! The psychological consequences for children and parents are inevitable!

@ Pr.Ghost en sapologie: You know, but I’d better look at this than those who are in the hospital bed.