Posted 18 мая 2020,, 15:23

Published 18 мая 2020,, 15:23

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The figure of the day: 40 thousand km of autobahns can be built with money for Moscow renovation

The figure of the day: 40 thousand km of autobahns can be built with money for Moscow renovation

18 мая 2020, 15:23
With the 11 trillion rubles allocated for the "thickening" building of Moscow, that was shamefacedly called the "renovation", it's possible to completely reconstruct the entire network of the federal roads in Russia.

A great idea, which, however, is unlikely to inspire the Moscow authorities, was presented by a public figure Peter Shkumatov in his blog:

“This morning I read already several posts about how renovation will pull the Russian economy out of the crisis. Apparently, the building complex and Marat Kh. Loaded a PR-salvo of all the guns. But in fact, this picking and rebuilding of one and the same to another, but the same thing, in a small area inside the MKAD, will not make anyone happy, except for the army of migrants who are involved in this matter. Well, a few beneficiaries of this project, who have long been not in Russia (either physically, mentally, or on a yacht).

In short! This project must be canceled, and the sooner the better! Russia will be pulled out of the economic hole into which we plunge, building modern and first-class roads! I will now explain why the construction of roads can pull out the economy and by what mechanism.

So, let's first estimate the size of the hole. There is an estimate of Kudrin, where he talks about 8 trillion rubles, there are estimates of other economists who talk about a drop in GDP in the range from 5 to 10%. There are completely apocalyptic forecasts in a 20% drop. Let's take the average of 10%. This is about 11 trillion rubles worth of money. And this hole must be plugged.

How to plug a hole, you ask? You can go by distributing helicopter money and benefits, but they will immediately go into consumption and after a few turns will appear on the currency exchange, after which they will gradually leave the country in the form of dollars and euros. This is how our economy works and we can’t do anything about it (within the framework of the existing political system). Therefore, we must proceed from the fact that this money should be bound by obligations or, to make it clearer, by debt. Then a one-time throw into the economy of such an amount (11 trillion) will not cause hyperinflation and other negative aspects.

Okay, and on which projects can these 11 trillion be spent? After all, this is a huge amount! And here the famous Russian misfortune comes to the rescue and these are not fools. It is expensive. So, for 11 trillion rubles you can build, with an average cost of 1 km 1 lane of the first category road (autobahn) of 70 million rubles, attention: FORTY THOUSAND KILOMETERS OF AUTOBANS!!! 40 thousand!!!

Such a project will last for at least three years, that is, you will not have to immediately issue money, it will not revive in Moscow, where the tiles will be meaninglessly and mercilessly replaced with the tiles of the new season, and borders for better borders, houses for more high-rise buildings. And it will cause economic recovery in the regions. I emphasize that the window of opportunities opens FULLY RECONSTRUCT THE WHOLE NETWORK OF FEDERAL ROADS !!! Do you understand? TOTALLY! Turn ANY federal road into an autobahn of category 1A or 1B !!! Do not knead shit for decades, but in three years turn Russia into a country of modern and first-class autobahns!

And let these roads be paid! It will even be better because bonds can be issued for this project and this is a normal financial mechanism! This project will help save up to FIVE THOUSAND lives a year, the lives of people who crash on "federal" roads, which are not expensive, but some complete SHIT. And then these people are also blamed for their own death! But in reality, on toll roads, on the same M11, mortality is almost an order of magnitude less than on "free" directions.

Of course, the economy, having received not ugly directions, but real roads, will begin to function much more efficiently! Cargo delivery time will be reduced, the logistics component of costs will decrease, everything will begin to breathe and grow!

No need to give out money! No need to knead shit (in a mortar) in Moscow alone, performing meaningless actions! No need to change borders! STOP! No need to change houses for houses! No need to change tile to tile !!! Build roads in the country! Such a chance is extremely rare, maybe a couple of times in a century! Crisis is, first and foremost, opportunities! SO SIMPLY DO IT !!! It will be a historic decision! Anyone who is not shy and decides to take this step will go down in history! Anyone who does not dare to take this step will also go down in history, but rather will not go down, but will get into a mess.