Posted 19 мая 2020,, 09:15

Published 19 мая 2020,, 09:15

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Ministry of Health predicted the end of the pandemic by July

Ministry of Health predicted the end of the pandemic by July

19 мая 2020, 09:15
Еhe situation with the spread of coronavirus infection may improve in Russia by July, said the chief freelance infectious disease specialist of the Ministry of Health, Elena Malinnikova (pictured).

- According to those trends and how the epidemiological process develops, knowing the laws of the epidemiological process, I still assume that by July the situation will improve. By July you will forget about us and will not invite us, - the doctor said on the air of Channel One.

According to her, the downward trend in the incidence rate in Russia is already developing. Maslennikova did not rule out the possibility of new outbreaks of coronavirus in the country, but noted these outbreaks would hardly be “so critical and tragic”. In addition, the health sector was able to prepare for this due to the introduced measures of restrictions.

“The quarantine window has already played a role”, - Maslennikova said.

As for the lifting of the restrictions regime, its end was previously predicted by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko. He believes that quitting quarantine in Russia is possible in June.

To date, 290 678 patients with coronavirus infection have been identified in Russia. On May 18, 8,926 new cases were recorded. More than 70 thousand people recovered from the disease. 2,722 patients died.