Posted 21 мая 2020,, 09:16

Published 21 мая 2020,, 09:16

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Senators have proposed the purchase of scarce sanctioned goods

Senators have proposed the purchase of scarce sanctioned goods

21 мая 2020, 09:16
Senators Konstantin Kosachyev and Sergey Kislyak introduced a bill to the State Duma that would allow them to abandon corps sanctions for the purchase of scarce goods. The list of such goods, as well as the conditions of import, should be determined by the Cabinet.

The text of the bill is posted in the Legislation Support System. The document amends part 2 of article 4 of the Federal Law “On measures of influence (counteraction) on the unfriendly actions of the United States of America and other foreign states”.

The authors propose the following edition: “The measures of influence (counteraction) provided for by Clause 2 of Article 2 of this Federal Law shall not be applied to essential goods that are scarce or whose analogues are not produced in the Russian Federation. The import conditions and the list of such goods are determined by the government of the Russian Federation”.

The explanatory note to the bill says that the law itself was adopted as a response to the challenges of the United States, expressed in unfriendly and unconstructive actions against the Russian Federation. It implies the possibility of abandoning countermeasures in relation to necessary goods whose analogues are not produced in Russia.

- In the situation of the crisis that we are experiencing, difficulties, I think that we will support this bill, because it is, first of all, in the interests of citizens, in order to avoid a shortage of certain goods, the First Deputy Head said to RIA Novosti faction "United Russia", with a constitutional majority, Andrei Isaev.

Recall that earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin recommended "spit on sanctions". The head of state said that about $ 50 billion that the country lost because of them in six years has already been offset by import substitution.

It should be noted that counter-sanctions on the purchase of food products, according to experts, adversely affect the quality of a number of domestic products, which now have no competitors.