Posted 21 мая 2020, 14:40

Published 21 мая 2020, 14:40

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Turned it off and forgot... How did the most stupid plane crash in Soviet history occur

21 мая 2020, 14:40
By a fortunate coincidence, due to the criminal negligence of pilots, only 4 out of 134 people flying aboard a passenger plane were killed

This highly ridiculous plane crash recalls the blogger Borodin.

A hard emergency landing was made on May 19, 1978 near the village of Maksatikha, Tver (in those days, the Kalinin) region, a Tu-154 passenger plane flying from Baku to Leningrad. As a result, out of 134 people, 4 were killed and 27 were injured.

And it all began at an altitude of almost 10 kilometers, when all three engines stopped at the plane, and this was not immediately noticed by the pilots. In addition, all three generators were switched off and the on-board AC network was de-energized, after which the rods of the steering unit spontaneously went to the extreme position, which led to the cabling and roll of the aircraft to the right.

By turning on the Distress signal, the crew reported the situation to the ground, making several more attempts to start the engines. Bezhetsk airfield was proposed for landing, however, assessing the situation, the ship's commander decided to land on a suitable site. The chassis was let out at an altitude of 2 kilometers, then it landed on a potato field near Maksatikha, simultaneously cutting several trees, flying after another first contact with the ground another three hundred meters above the forest belt. While moving across the field, the plane began to collapse, and then caught fire. However, the crew managed to evacuate almost all passengers except four - a mother with a 7-year-old daughter, another man and one woman.

But as a result of the investigation, it turned out to be incredible: the flight engineer instructor Chervyakov, checking the attentiveness of his ward flight engineer Potapov, turned off the machine for pumping jet fuel into the supply tank and forgot about it, but he did not notice it . The crew was sent to court, Chervyakov - sentenced to 3 years in prison for criminal negligence, and dismissed from Aeroflot. Went ahead of schedule amnesty.