Posted 22 мая 2020,, 20:24

Published 22 мая 2020,, 20:24

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A medical registrar from Kirov was fired after complaints about a salary of 12 thousand rubles

A medical registrar from Kirov was fired after complaints about a salary of 12 thousand rubles

22 мая 2020, 20:24
The medical registrar of the hospital in Kirov was fired after the story of the 12 thousandth salary for April. Hundreds of patients passed through an employee for the epidemic, including with suspicion of COVID-19, but they answered in her own clinic that she was not entitled to Putin's surcharges.

The woman was kicked out with a wolf ticket "undermining the reputation of a legal entity"...

Vera Votintseva, the medical registrar of the Kirov Regional Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Kirov Clinical Diagnostic Center”, was dismissed with humiliation after she posted an April paycheck on her facebook.

12.189 rubles - a full rate in quarantine and no additional payments promised to doctors. Calculations for April came, ”he wrote.

the registry, whatever one may say, is the cutting edge, almost the entire stream goes through us, we communicate, breathe, sneeze at us, cough, spit saliva . Not, not a thousand, not two, not one and a half half [allowances, NO]. For April I get 4 thousand 728 rubles. Thirty more, there was an April payment, they accrued something 7.400. But definitely less than eight. That's all I get for April guys. I didn’t have a day's rest, I quarantine the whole quarantine, like a bastard — the loads increased + sit for 8 hours in full combat gear: a mask, a dressing gown, a cap, rubber gloves ... But each dog speaks to us, they told them on TV, that the doctors are now in chocolate. I never hear a day - sit here, raking in a lot of money, and people eat the last without salt. The girls all started talking with resentment about quitting. They can, they have husbands, pensions. So insulting, not to convey. It’s just a shame for the attitude, as if we were the last serfs serfs, neither respect for us nor sympathy. We will become infected, we will die - but [anyway, NI], they will pick up new ones, we don’t need to learn registrars for seven years. - She wrote in the social network on May 14.

Moreover, with the outbreak of the epidemic, 54-year-old Vera Votintseva literally became a human shield for her native hospital. Distributed patients with a suspected virus for admission so that they did not wander beyond the first floor. The management, whose direct responsibility was to organize zoning, for some reason did not really take care of this.

- For some reason, it is believed that the work of the registrar in the clinic is a warm place. My job responsibilities include: informing anyone who has contacted the registry on any matter about the work of the clinic, stamping information and directions, making appointments with doctors both at their clinic and at another city medical organization, keeping waiting lists for appointments with narrow specialists in the regional specialized clinics, approval of records made through electronic registries, recording patient information in the KIIS database and verification of these data for each applicant, issuance of outpatient cards and registration them for first-time applicants, receiving phone calls, phoning patients with a reminder of a visit to the doctor, or canceling the appointment, transferring electronic queue coupons to the right rooms. Also, I sometimes substitute a colleague on the design of disability sheets. This job is for squirrels in the wheel for 8 hours in a row. In the first shift, I must open at 7 a.m., and in the second shift, close at 20.00 in the evening. For 13 hours of operation, only one to three hundred people a day passes through our registry through coupons, ”says Vera Votintseva.

The registrar of the Kirov hospital was supported by the words and reposts of thousands of people from all over the country. How is it possible for a staff member who works with hundreds of patients every day, including those who have subsequently been confirmed with COVID-19, to receive wages equal to the minimum wage during an epidemic? In the Kirov region, it is 12.130 rubles, people rightly remark.

With the beginning of the optimization ” of healthcare in Russia, workers of all medical organizations were marked and delimited, and in particular, medical registrars were excluded from the category of medical workers. People working full-time in medical institutions, even state ones, directly with patients throughout the working day, have ceased to be considered medical workers ...

Why, by analogy with the employees of medical institutions, no one optimized, say, office clerks from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who, unlike the hospital registry workers, are not "leaning forward" at all, but still receive the same benefits, stars on uniform and allowances along with others?

Double standards in our optimization ...

After the appearance of a post on the social network, the clinic’s administration began to systematically and relentlessly squeeze out an employee who had served an exemplary medical facility for more than 2 years.

A few hours after posting on Facebook, Vera Votintseva called a senior nurse from the joint registry.

“Vera Vladimirovna, why did you complain to the governor on Facebook that you weren’t paid extra? - And what, did they pay extra? I wanted to say, but I bit my tongue in time.

- And why do they call me from the ministry of the region, say that your registrar complained about the lack of surcharges? The head doctor is calling, Vera Vladimirovna! You are not charged extra!

- Duck how, I understand!

- Immediately delete everything! Log in from your phone and delete! And take a picture that you deleted everything! And drop me a mail! The head physician cut me off the phone, but I have to report, ”the registrar retells the conversation with a colleague.

In the following days, calls from the head office continued and became more frequent - Vera Votintseva was demanding more and more silence.

How do you intend to work with us further ?, asked her senior employee and conveyed the words of the head physician that he did not approve of the dissemination of information on the clinic-diagnostic center on the Internet.

Officials from regional health care began to poke Vera Vladimirovna by orders of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 04.04.2020 No. 415 and 12.04.2020 No. 484. The federal regulations spelled out the categories of medical workers and the amount of surcharges due to them. According to these documents, it also appears that the medical registrar, who regulates the flow of patients with thousands of patients during the whole working week, does not have any risks associated with COVID-19 and, accordingly, no additional payments.

Although, it should be noted, this is cunning on the part of the administration. On May 11, during a direct appeal, President Putin ordered a federal surcharge of three months, from April to June, from 10 to 25 thousand rubles to employees of technical and administrative personnel working with patients with COVID-19.

Vera Votintseva did not dare to delete her posts, thundered in virtual space and generously commented on by thousands of witnesses, despite the edifications of her superiors.

- My citizenship is such that I am unhappy with the attitude of our state towards free medicine. I am not happy that doctors in Russia have salaries like peasants in Africa. I have nothing against the leadership of the KDC, but I must tell the truth, ”Vera Votintseva says.

Two days later, at the height of the working day, people sent from the head physician came to the hospital. Not letting the shift finish, they put the “rebel” in the service Volga and delivered it straight to the rug to the authorities.

- In the office there was all the Center’s management: the chief physician, the head doctor, the senior nurse of nine clinics, and the lawyer. At first I was asked if I really had to communicate with patients from the "red zone" with signs of colds. Of course, because they all go through the registry to verify passport data. The paramedic, who meets them at the entrance and asks about their well-being, does not even have a thermometer that could determine at a distance whether the person has a fever or not.

Apparently, the working holes were a revelation for the leadership. It agreed with the mess and promised to sort it out, after which the conversation turned into a different channel.

The bosses made it clear once again that it was incomprehensible that she, as a medical registrar, was not supposed to pay surcharges for receiving patients with coronavirus. The head doctor told Vera Vladimirovna in person that the noise on Facebook on this occasion did not suit him. The arguments that the head cannot forbid the employee in his spare time to do what he wants and what is not prohibited by law have not been affected by the head physician.

- The participants said that they take care of my health and, if I really think that it’s dangerous to be in the registry at the moment, then they offer me dismissal by agreement of the parties. This is not a real dismissal, they added. Like, keep quiet for two months, and then we will take you back to work. I won’t be left without funds, thirty thousand rubles is good money, ”the registrar retells the conversation in the head physician’s office.

Vera Votintseva refused to quit, then the authorities suggested that she "rest in the hallway." A few minutes later they again invited me to a conversation in the office and said that the decision should be taken immediately, meaningfully indicating with gestures that such a request comes "from the very top."

The leaders began to put pressure on the employee, saying that with her act (refusing to quit), she was failing the entire staff of the Center.

“Maybe discuss the amount?” - Sounded after some time, unsuccessful persuasion.

Vera Vladimirovna refused to bargain for compensation and asked to let her go back to work, but the executives replied that she had a working day until 8 pm, and she would spend the rest in the office of the head doctor.

After another portion of threats and persuasion, the tired woman was again sent to the corridor to “think”, then brought back and forced to write an explanatory note on the posts on Facebook.

After the last offer to quit voluntarily, the employee was given an order to terminate the contract and a labor contract with a similar note. Two hours later, Sberbank calculated the dismissed one. “Termination of the employment contract at the initiative of the employer, clause 14 of article 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation ( in connection with actions that entailed the undermining of the business reputation of the legal entity ),” the order of the acting head physician Alexander Starikov says .

Vera Votintseva, the medical registrar, intends to appeal the dismissal in court. Lawyers temporarily banned the ward from talking to the press.

Termination of employment with an employee of KOGBUZ “Kirov Clinical and Diagnostic Center” in the Interregional Trade Union of Health Workers “Action” is called a cynical neglect of labor laws.

- Medical registrar Vera Votintseva, who spoke on Facebook about her meager salary and then moral pressure from her superiors, was dismissed with the wording “for undermining the business reputation of a legal entity”. There is no such reason for dismissal at the initiative of the employer in case of a single violation of labor discipline in the Labor Code. The Action Union, into which Vera Votintseva has joined today, will provide legal assistance, if necessary, in a lawsuit to restore Vera to work. I believe that the business reputation of the Kirov Clinical Diagnostic Center in this case was undermined by the acting head physician Mr. Starikov below the plinth. And it was he who should be shamefully dismissed by the senior management with the wording “in connection with the loss of confidence,” commented Andrei Konoval, co-chair of the union .

Novye Izvestia contacted the head physician of the scandalous medical facility, Alexander Starikov. “Send a written request. I won’t answer by phone, ”he said several times, like a spell, by telephone.

At the time of publication, the editors did not receive a response from KOGBUZ Kirov Clinical Diagnostic Center.