Posted 21 мая 2020, 21:17

Published 21 мая 2020, 21:17

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"Buy a goat!" Is it worth trusting Sterligov’s calls to invest in his farmstead

21 мая 2020, 21:17
The infamous entrepreneur actively encourages investors to support his new agricultural projects.

Analyst Alexander Zhogolev, for the sake of entertainment, has recently watched videos that the orthodox oligarch German Sterligov uploads to the network, thus advertising agricultural products on the Internet that he and his sons produce at the Krestyanskaya Sloboda farm. Moreover, Sterligov himself, by his own admission, is not capable of peasant labor, compensating for this shortcoming with a remarkable grasp, with which, for example, he brings bread to the townspeople for his own baking for 1,500 rubles.

His children from this point of view are no better. Here, for example, son Sergei, who is looking for investors for a new economy, ready to buy a share in it for half a million rubles.

For example, with the money received from an investor, the owners will build a goat farm in the open field, which will yield such enormous profits that those who donate this money will be able to live peacefully on it somewhere in Miami and not blow in the mustache, receiving dividends ...

In fact, everything is not so simple, the blogger explains, and shares his experience in exactly this kind of business. Zhogolev also wanted to attract investors and raise the necessary amount to start such a business. But there it was ...

Suppose you contributed 100 thousand rubles to breed ducks. To do this, you need to create at least minimal conditions - a barn, a pond, a feeding trough, a drinking bowl and the like. Even if you do not take into account the costs of construction and more, and count only birds, you get the following.

We buy a thousand ducklings with this money and feed them for three to four months, so that we can kill them later. If you consider that the meat of an adult duck weighs about 2 kilograms, you get the result - two tons! Selling them at a price of 500 rubles per kilogram, we get 1 million rubles! Great indeed!

But this is income, but what are the costs? A duck needs 200 grams of balanced feed per day to be healthy and grow quickly. If to feed with pure wheat, as the Sterligovs suggest, it will turn out to be more expensive and not so fast. So, in three months the bird will eat 18 kilograms of feed - and this is 500 rubles. Multiplying them by 1000 ducks we get half a million!

But there will still be expenses for the care: to buy, bring, spread the feed, graze the ducks, feed them, drink, clean up the litter... So labor is needed.

And this is not counting the death of a bird, because there is not yet a farm in the world where all herds of ducklings, chickens, rabbits and so on would survive ...

Further: where to keep the bird all year round? So we need warm sheds, heating, firewood, appliances... And trade? Who and how will hammer, clean, gut, carve, sell?

So it turns out that this business is fraught with huge risks, and in the best case, you can provide duck meat only to yourself and your family. So before you believe Sterligov’s son and transfer money to him, it’s worth it to think very carefully what you will end up with. And even better - to experience the delights of peasant labor in their own skin.