Posted 22 мая 2020,, 12:47

Published 22 мая 2020,, 12:47

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Is not familiarized with the gratitude? Vladimir Mashkov did not help Alyona Galich

Is not familiarized with the gratitude? Vladimir Mashkov did not help Alyona Galich

22 мая 2020, 12:47
The only heiress of the playwright and poet Alexander Galich, whose role in the play was glorified by Vladimir Mashkov, needs help.

There is nothing accidental in life. It so happened that on May 21, film critics discussed the fees of Vladimir Mashkov on social networks and found that they were the highest in the history of Russian cinema (Vladimir Mashkov received one million dollars only for his role in the film Liquidation).

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And meanwhile, May 21 is also the birthday of Honored Artist of Russia, daughter of a playwright, poet, screenwriter Alexander Galich Alyona Galich-Arkhangelskaya.

Galich’s play Sailor Silence is symbolic and happy for Mashkov. In 1990, playing Abram Schwartz in Oleg Tabakov’s play Sailor Silence, Mashkov woke up famous. The novice actor conquered theatrical Moscow with the role that Oleg Tabakov gave him (Mashkov's words: “My teacher gave me the role of Schwartz”).

In 2004, Vladimir Mashkov made the film Papa based on the play Sailor Silence, devoting it to his father, the actor of the provincial theater Lev Mashkov. For this film, Mashkov was praised by Nikita Mikhalkov himself, the actor told me about this personally.

In 2019, Mashkov, becoming the artistic director of the Tabakov Theater, again played Schwartz, and ... won. Schwartz is played by the People's Artist of Russia. It is also known that Sailor Silence is the most expensive theater performance, and one of the most expensive in Moscow (tickets cost 10-15 thousand rubles each).

The heiress of Alexander Galich, his only daughter - Alena Galich-Arkhangelskaya, in her words, “didn’t get a penny for the new performance”. Alena Aleksandrovna told me that “she’s afraid to communicate with Vladimir Mashkov because she considers him a rude man”.

Knowing that Alena Aleksandrovna had health problems and the money would not hurt her, I contacted RAS (Russian Authors Society) and reported that the holder of the rights to use the works of Galich did not receive money from the Tabakov Theater for a new performance. I also spoke about the illness of Alena Alexandrovna.

RAS lawyers contacted Vladimir Mashkov, and he promised to help. Allegedly, the theater has already bought back the “copyright” for the statement (the question is complex, and there’s no point in delving into it today), but it will find ways to help Alena Galich-Arkhangelskaya. A month and a half has passed. Yesterday, congratulating Alena Aleksandrovna, I asked: “Didn’t they call you from the Tabakov Theater?”

“No”, - answered Galich's daughter.

Today once again I contacted RAS lawyer Natalia Korolyova about this:

- I reminded the theater about this several times. Spoke out all the details. Unfortunately, to force the theater is not in my power, - Natalia answered.

Of course, in our time, words mean nothing, and perhaps today Vladimir Mashkov is not up to the daughter of Alexander Galich.

But the Sailor Silence is about love for children, about self-forgetfulness, about friendship, about conscience...