Posted 22 мая 2020,, 12:09

Published 22 мая 2020,, 12:09

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

More than half of enterprises called their situation catastrophic

22 мая 2020, 12:09
Over half of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses rated the chances of survival of their companies at 50% or even lower. At the same time, only 6.6% of entrepreneurs are satisfied with state support for business in a pandemic.

53% of small and medium-sized enterprises called their current situation “disaster” or “crisis”, it follows from the monitoring of the Ombudsman Boris Titov. This is reported by RBC.

62.2% of respondents suggested that their business has a 50% or lower chance of survival. Only 13.4% expressed confidence that their company will cope with economic instability and continue to work.

Moreover, more than half - 55.1% - of respondents negatively assessed the actions of the federal government. Only 6.6% of respondents spoke positively about the measures introduced by the authorities. “Rather positively” refers to measures of government support for 21.2% of businessmen.

The main problem that enterprises had to deal with, the survey participants called the inability to pay salaries to employees and pay taxes - 52.4%. The next most significant problem is rents - 42.8%; 39.1% complained about regular non-payments by counterparties.

The fact that entrepreneurs today, despite the announced support, do not rely on the state, but rely only on themselves, follows from the results of another survey. 83% of the business community said they did not expect help from the authorities.

In addition, more than half of Russian entrepreneurs were unable to receive state anti-crisis support, as announced by the Russian government.

Entrepreneurs said they did not see any actual assistance from the state.