Posted 23 мая 2020, 10:33

Published 23 мая 2020, 10:33

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Approaching the record: a Russian student has been living at a German airport for more than a month

23 мая 2020, 10:33
During all this time Frankfurt Airport staff feed and care of him.

More than a month ago, Novye Izvestia already reported a student from Tomsk, Mikhail Novosyolov, who on April 17 was unable to leave the transit zone of Frankfurt Airport in Germany. It's hard to believe, but he still lives there!

Airport employees sympathize with him, do not let him go hungry, however, they don’t know how to help him, the journalist Ilya Shatilin reports.

As you know, a student of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Tomsk State University had only a student visa, and he flew through it to unlearn a semester at Berlin University, since he was told at the German embassy that this would be enough. However, already at that time only citizens of the country and people with a residence permit were admitted to Germany - Mikhail found out about this when he flew to Frankfurt.

Border guards flatly refused to let him in and even gave him a document according to which his entry would endanger the health of German citizens. But he could not fly back, since he cannot leave the transit zone. The staff brought him a cot, feed him, give tokens in the shower, even interested in his eating habits...

All his free time he loiters around the terminal with three more such losers from Bulgaria. Mikhail will not have enough money for a return ticket, and the German police are thinking of deporting him to Minsk, and then let him sort it out, but he prefers to stay at the airport until the quarantine in Germany is removed and the borders would be opened again...