Posted 24 мая 2020,, 11:06

Published 24 мая 2020,, 11:06

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Who exactly did lose mind: Nikita Mikhalkov answered his opponents

Who exactly did lose mind: Nikita Mikhalkov answered his opponents

24 мая 2020, 11:06
Nikita Mikhalkov devoted a new episode of his Besogon show to the biting responses to criticism voiced by opponents in connection with his previous program named “Who has the state in his pocket?”, which, after several shows on the Russia 24 channel, was taken off the air.

The next issue is called "Without the censoring and exactions: Pozner, priest Gapon and the magic swan-geese". He came out today only on YouTube - the VGTRK company (All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company) also does not intend to broadcast it.

The director said that his opponents adhere to the “top-down” tone, call him “a senile grandfather who talks nonsense” and write in the comments that he has already lost his mind.

“At the same time, over 7 million people watched our past program. But you can hear mainly those who hated her, because they are close to the media, they have this access. Those who accepted our program do not have such access", - the director said.

Mikhalkov said that the issue "Who has the state in his pocket?" scored 273,000 likes and 25,000 dislikes (now, after some time, these figures in YouTube have changed a bit - note “NI”).

According to him, if you translate this into the language of sports and imagine that this is a game of basketball, it turns out that the Besogona team won with a score of 273: 25. “So tell me, does a normal team play against us? But these people - they are heard, they are reckless and embittered. One old man said: good in the world is 99.9%, and evil - 0.1%, but it is very well organized, ”said Mikhalkov.

The director complained: in spite of the fact that such issues as digital slavery and education were touched on in this issue, this was also illustrated, among other things, by the words of the head of Sberbank German Gref, which he said at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. Petersburg in 2012 - for some reason most critics ignored these things.

“Bill Gates was not our main topic. But the rest as if was not heard”, - said Nikita Mikhalkov.

Nevertheless, the leadership of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company “couldn’t let it go any further”.

“In principle, I was told that it was not worth a state corporation to run into another state corporation. That is, it’s worthless for VGTRK to run into Sberbank. Excuse me, but where did I run into Sberbank?

I said that there is no Sberbank in Crimea. Is this not true? Truth. And he told who owns the shares. This is also information from open sources. Where is the collision? Yes, I spoke about the chairman of Sberbank, but not as a banker. He is probably an excellent banker, he has excellent performance.

I talked about him as a public person who speaks out publicly. The speaker is not just a private opinion. This is a public statement by a statesman. But if you, my critics, did not notice this - and if you did, but did not say anything about it, then you agree with this. And if you agree, it means that you must agree with Himmler’s Ost plan.

Heinrich Himler believed that for enslaved peoples the reading skill was superfluous. Martin Bormann agreed with him, who said: “The Slavs should work for us. To the extent that we do not need them, they can die out. Education is dangerous. For them, it is enough to be able to count to a hundred. In the best case, an education that prepares useful puppets for us is acceptable”.

For some reason, the famous journalist Maxim Shevchenko suggested that Gref once did not give me a loan. But I’ve never asked for loans in Sberbank in my life!”, - Nikita Mikhalkov said.

The director spoke about the letter that Vladimir Pozner wrote to him based on the previous issue of Besogon. The famous TV presenter asked Mikhalkov not to talk about its contents.

“But I take off the word given to you because you violated yours yourself,” said Mikhalkov, turning to Pozner and showing the audience an interview in which the TV presenter gives an unflattering assessment to the director and his broadcast.

Posner in his letter says, in particular, that Nikita Mikhalkov did not know what censorship was - neither in the Soviet era nor in the post-Soviet era, so he is glad that the director was faced with it now.

“So: my picture“ Relatives ”received 117 amendments at one time, 70 of them I had to perform, otherwise the film would not have appeared on the screen. My film "The Barber of Siberia" did not go to the USA. Brazil bought the license, but the States bought it, paying the lost profit, so that this picture, even in the closest approximation, did not come out in Latin America. And will you tell me something about censorship? What are you grinding? If you are not ready for a conversation, why do you affirm what you do not know? This is unprofessional”, - said Nikita Mikhalkov.

Also, in his letter, according to the director, Pozner wrote that "the Soviet party democracy was fatal for the country".

“When did you understand this?” When did they join the communist party in 1967? Or when, in 1970, they were the party committee secretary on the Broadcasting and Television Committee? ”Mikhalkov addressed Pozner, noting that he himself had never been a member of any party.

Further, the director commented on the words of Priest George Maximov, who made a detailed analysis of the last issue of Besogon.

"Who usually rubs us? TVRain, Ekho Moskvy, Novaya Gazeta and other liberal media. But we are already used to it. We need something else, so that we'd have it to the max.

The Church - that’s who should condemn this hardened Orthodox! Gapon’s priests are extinct, do you think? No. Priest George Maximov conveys his thoughts with a youthful intonation of conviction and goodwill”, - said Mikhalkov.

Priest claims that the information provided by Mikhalkov in the issue “Who has the state in his pocket?” - false. In particular, it indicates, for example, that the Russian government owns more than 50% of Sberbank’s shares, that is, a controlling stake, and if these 50% are held by the Russian Federation, “then 70% cannot be held by the United States and Great Britain, as stated in Besogon”.

“Who do you hang noodles on your ears under epitrachilles? I spoke in the program about the share of Sberbank's free shares. In the USA - 40%, and 29.5% - in the UK. Together, this is almost 70%. That is, from 100% - 49% belongs to others, and almost 70% of them belong to the USA and Great Britain. Why are you defaming? You are a priest, not a cheater, ”Mikhalkov answered the priest’s accusations.

Then came the answer to Pavel Gusev, editor-in-chief of Moskovsky Komsomolets, a member of the Human Rights Council under the President of Russia. Mikhalkov also mentioned that they are neighbors with Gusev, they have a good relationship, and their children once even went to the same school.

Mikhalkov showed a screenshot of the publication, which provides information that Gusev considers it necessary for the Prosecutor General to pay attention to the Besogon-TV issue, which talked about chipping the population under the guise of vaccination against coronavirus.

Following this, the director read this quote from Gusev: “I did not watch this program and do not watch such programs at all, I think they are rather odious and stupid. It’s a calculated transfer, so I’m absolutely not interested”.

“Pasha, so seriously, being a famous person, can you call more than 7 million people“ bydlyak “just because they watch our programs? There are many people among the viewers of our program who do not have your position, affluence, education and connections, but among them there are many who would be very surprised if they knew that you consider them to be "bydlyak". And, most importantly, I would really like to see how you yourself would tell it to your eyes! ”, Mikhalkov emphasized.

“Do you complain that the prosecutor’s office did not impose any sanctions on your neighbor for words that I didn’t say in the program that you didn’t see? What is it like?! And now, gentlemen, liberals, are you still talking about the bloody regime, about the geben, about 1937? So here he is - the 37th year, here! Denunciation to a neighbor! ”

In the final part of the new issue, Mikhalkov showed a digest of stories from programs of various authors and channels, including the plot of Channel One about “Event 201” (Event 201) - pandemic exercises that were supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and last October with the participation of the World Economic Forum He spent the year in the USA at Hopkins University.

“This is about the issue that we at Besogon show continuous fakes, that all this is conspiracy theology and lies,” said Nikita Mikhalkov.

Finally, the director quoted Zbignev Bzezinski, an adviser to the US president on national security (he died in 2017 - “NI”) , “the smartest person, the most worthy enemy of Russia, a real enemy, to the roots of his hair, who selflessly hated our country”.

“A new world order under US hegemony is being created against Russia, at the expense of Russia and on the wreckage of Russia”, - Mikhalkov called these words of Bzezinski “in an amazing image”.

The director also recalled the statement of Brzezinsky from 2009.

“This crisis will not end either in 2010, or in 2012, or in 2015. This crisis will never end - until we achieve our goals. You are well aware of our goals - a single world government. Here is what we need. And it will be formed. Whether you like this idea or not. You yourself ask us about it. Because further it will only get worse and worse, worse and worse. For this, much more is needed than economic paralysis — war, hunger and epidemics are needed all over the world”.

“It was said 11 years ago. That is, this idea has been realized over the years. And this is not me, who is totally whacked, guys. This is all serious. Decide for yourself. Think, analyze, dream. It's necessary.

What will all this say in a day, two, in a year, two, in a hundred years? We must clearly assess: who is speaking and what is being said, who is writing and what is writing, who to believe and who not. And then it will be possible to understand who Mr. Bzezinski was counting on so, assuming that we will turn our country into fragments with our own forces”, - concluded Nikita Mikhalkov.