Posted 25 мая 2020,, 10:48

Published 25 мая 2020,, 10:48

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Andrey Kosmach: the Russian elite is practicing black magic and flying to Nibiru

Andrey Kosmach: the Russian elite is practicing black magic and flying to Nibiru

25 мая 2020, 10:48
Schizophrenia, as it was said? Listening to the air of Mark Feigin, devoted to the occult secrets of the Kremlin, one cannot help but recall the title of the head of the famous Bulgakov novel.

Flights to Nibiru, communication with the reptilians, "black" practices... As part of this extremely interesting conversation, the philosopher and occultist specialist Andrey Kosmach spoke about the elite’s mainstream hobbies, the mystical wrestling of the "tops" and what a similar “hobby” can bring its' adherents.

“Regarding the mainstream hobbies of the Kremlin elite, I can say that in the first place I would still put black magic. And then such exotic hobbies as flying to Sirius and Nibiru.

It should be clearly noted: black magic, as a product, was not created by any mythological wandering sorcerers. This is a classic product of the Holy Roman Inquisition.

The first stage is the early Middle Ages. The main ideologists of this process were Thomas Aquinas, Anselm of Canterbury and Peter Laertes.

It was they who formed the first concept of the devil as such. Then he was considered exclusively as a tempter who does not interfere with the physical essence of man. The main thing was the psychological struggle - temptation, but no more.

Then there was the second stage, this is 1398, when a treatise of the University of Paris appeared, which stated that an agreement with the devil was necessary for practicing black magic. It is in this period of time that the so-called Canon of black magic is created.

Then came the era of the Renaissance and the exact opposite of the early Middle Ages happened: the devil turns into a classical tyrant. Now he is already a tormentor and murderer, which is introduced into the physical essence and destroys not just people, but huge groups of people. And the so-called book canon of black magic is created.

Appears "Small Key of Solomon" - "Lemegeton", which consists of 5 books - Ars paulina, Ars notoria and others. Whether the Lemegeton created the Inquisitors is not known.

In the 15th century, the book of the magician Abramelin appears, which was completely written under the dictation of the Roman inquisitors. By the way, when I was studying the artifacts of the Vatican Apostolic Library, together with my comrades, we found documents that confirm all this.

In the XVI century appears Henry Cornelius, Agrippa. He wrote whole works. Fundamental, such as the Book of the Dead. All this was written entirely under the dictation of the Inquisitors. The book Witch's Hammer was also written by two German inquisitors. Then came Johann Weyer, a student of Agrippa, with his book Pseudo-Monarchy of Demons.

And everything further was already created by the Roman Inquisition. This is the grimoire of Pope Honorius, and the grimoire of Pope Leo, and Black Hen, and the Toad without a head and so on.

And now, at first glance, it would seem that all these are completely stupid literary works, but they are in demand.

And our political and economic establishment is very actively engaged not only in the study of these practices of the so-called "non-existent" black magic, but very actively introduces them into life. This is a paradox, but, alas, these are the realities of our time.

I can even say that a very large group of hundreds of Russian Forbes is engaged in this and practices. In reality, these practices have no meaning. This is an illusion. There is no black magic as such.

As for flying to Sirius, communicating with reptilians and so on. All this refers to the classical concept, broadcast by conspiracy theorist David Icke, who believes that this is the most fundamental form of communication, that this is an analogy of the Sumerian-Akkadian heritage, the Mayan heritage, and so on ... But these ideas have nothing to do with the truth, it’s complete nonsense, all this also does not exist.

Icke is a priori a person very far from these things, all his concepts are stupid. But the stupider the concept, the more they capture people.

How do all these practices come about? To fully enter into a trance, you need to use natural substances containing natural alkaloids. It's about psychotropic substances.

And now many comrades are now making a trip to Nibiru and Sirius as follows: they accept decoctions.

There are plants that these people don’t even know about. And they just allow you to nullify your consciousness so that no thought forms interfere with being in a trance, because our brain very often deceives.

And therefore, such people enter a state of trance with a specific desire - for example, to communicate with reptilians on Nibiru. That is, before entering into a trance, an image of a reptiloid already exists - and this is just an ideal form in order to begin to "communicate". And after the trance, you need to take another plant to burn the effect.

But now all this has been put on a commercial basis, even the shamans of Amazonia have put it on stream. And the knowledge itself, meanwhile, is almost lost by many shamans of South America.

They make shamanic tea not on the basis of two fundamental components, but create a “hodgepodge”. After which the person begins to wander around the nearby territories in search of what he is looking for - a reptiloid, for example.

And if there is a hallucination in a trance, then no one can convince such a person that he did not see something and did not communicate with the same reptiloid.

A remarkable case occurred a year ago. A private jet Bombardier Challenger flew from Moscow to Colombia with a very small group of amateur experimenters, very serious top managers and businessmen.

They were already waiting there. They went down the Amazon, moored, where he met the shaman. And then one of the group entered a state of trip and began to wander around the jungle. As a result, he fell into a hunting pit, where there was already a half-dead boa. Having fallen on him, he crushed it with his weight and finished it off completely. When this man got out of a trance state, he began to scream.

They found him and the shaman said that just what you needed happened - you ruined your evil and now you can take up the implementation of your projects. In general, after this trip less than a year has passed since this comrade went bankrupt.

I just don’t know about the president ... Putin brought not Altai Shoigu, as they say, but another group of people. Not so long ago, information came from the Kremlin Scientologist that Putin now wants to build a house in the Altai mountains. In my opinion, all this is another rubbish. You can say as much as you like that he communicates with the shamans and they do some practice for him, but where are the results then? ..

In any case, everything comes from atavistic ideas. For example, there is information that our people turned for help to the oldest shaman in the world, who lives in Mexico. I know what a shaman is.

But the whole fact of the significance of this man lies only in the fact that he is simply very old. No more criteria! He knows almost nothing, does not possess practices. That is, we just see this very thing - atavistic: if the old - then smart.

In times of crisis, and not only in such periods, there are people who are mentally especially close to this. And they are ready to go to meetings with shamans, occultists, magicians and so on. So it turns out what turns out.

It's just that people don’t know a very important nuance: all practices with the use of such psychotropic drugs lead to a very bad end - clinical schizophrenia”.