Posted 25 мая 2020,, 20:38

Published 25 мая 2020,, 20:38

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Don’t complain! How officials from Balashikha mock mother with a sick child

Don’t complain! How officials from Balashikha mock mother with a sick child

25 мая 2020, 20:38
The already difficult procedures for receiving social assistance from government agencies during the pandemic turned out to be almost torture for a resident of Balashikha near Moscow.

For five months, a woman has been trying to get help for herself and a disabled child from departments whose direct responsibilities it is.

The first of June in Russia and around the world will celebrate Children's Day. Children in different countries face various problems, and in Russia, in practice, they also face indifference and stereotyped bureaucracy on the part of officials.

Sofya Rusova

Running in a circle

Lyudmila Rubleva got married three years ago and gave birth to a child. He was born with poor health, and a year after marriage, her husband left the family, leaving Lyudmila alone with difficulties. Prior to moving to Balashikha, together with her son, Lyudmila lived in the city of Vidnoe, where their family was recognized as a family in a difficult life situation. In the spring of 2019, the child was diagnosed with a number of diagnoses, including cerebral palsy. The boy cannot walk and is recognized as disabled. To all the difficulties was added the fact that the woman injured her back and underwent surgery on the spine. Now she needs treatment and peace, according to the prescriptions of doctors, a woman should not lift weights, but the child requires special attention - and Lyudmila every day carries it in her arms. He cannot count on the help of his parents either. As it turned out, the ex-mother-in-law is not needed - the woman does not want to see either Lyudmila or her grandson.

Finding herself in a hopeless situation, Lyudmila agreed to place the child in a specialized institution during her treatment. At a meeting of the commission on juvenile affairs under the head of the Leninsky district, a decision was made to place her son in the GKUZMO “Vidnovsky Specialized Orphanage for Children with Organic Damage to the Central Nervous System with a Mental Disorder”.

“In Vidnoye, I had no problems placing a child in a baby’s house, but then we urgently moved to Balashikha, I once again turned to the guardianship authorities, collected documents about my child’s health and health. We again confirmed that we are a family in a difficult life situation. The head of the department, Irina Kiosa and the head of the department in the guardianship department, Anna Bunina personally talked to me and am aware of the whole situation, - says Lyudmila. collected - but for some reason they still can’t reach the Ministry of Health which month”.

To help herself and her child, Lyudmila writes letters of help for days to different authorities for days: from the Balashikha administration to the presidential administration. In late April, at the next letter to Rubleva, the Balashikha Commission for Minors confirmed that she has the right to temporarily place a child in an organization for orphans. The commission expressed this opinion in a letter to the guardianship department, asking him to consider the issue of temporary placement of a child in an organization for orphans and children left without parental care. The Office referred to the Government Decree of May 24, 2014 No. 481 “On the activities of organizations for orphans and children left without parental care and on the placement in them of children left without parental care”.

This appeal says that according to the first article of the law “On basic guarantees of the rights of the child in the Russian Federation”, Rubleva’s son has limited health opportunities and is a child in difficult situations. In accordance with this, there is every reason to recognize the Rubleva family in a difficult life situation and temporarily place the child in a specialized institution until she regains health.

In private with misfortune

Recently, a woman again refused hospitalization, because there is no one to leave the child with. Arguing about why she has not been able to get help for several months, Lyudmila Rubleva does not exclude that such an attitude “deserved” from the guardianship department because of her complaints: “When I moved to Balashikha, something incomprehensible began. I just could not get through to the guardianship authorities and as a result I wrote a complaint to the presidential administration that they were inactive. After another complaint, they contacted me, but for five months I can’t get a referral to the baby’s house. They nodded at the Ministry of Health, the one at them said that they did not provide all the documents. I have to be at home treatment, but I can’t do this with a child”.

From the official reply of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region on May 6, Rubleva learned that no documents had been received from the guardianship authorities of Balashikha to the Ministry of Health. At the same time, she was told that, on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region dated March 27 No. 296 “On the temporary procedure for organizing the work of medical organizations of the state health system for the period of exacerbation of the epidemiological situation caused by the spread of Covid-19,” planned hospitalization was suspended, restrictions were temporarily applied to accept new children at the orphanage with parents”.

When asked why the full set of documents was never sent to the Ministry of Health in the department of trusteeship, the Novye Izvestia correspondent did not respond, citing the fact that the boss was meeting and it was not known when it would end.

The situation is complicated by the behavior of the former spouse Rubleva. He works in the Moscow metro police, preventive conversations were held with him many times, including at work, but this did not produce any results. He says to the guardianship authorities that he is ready to pick up the child and engage in his upbringing, but when he needs to do this, he simply does not come. This gives reason to say that the child has parents, although in fact the father does not take any part in the upbringing.

On May 22, the Balashikha city court was supposed to consider the case of collecting alimony from Alexander Rublev, but he was rescheduled due to the fact that he did not provide the court with a certificate of income. Earlier, the commission on juvenile affairs in Vidnoye came to the conclusion that Rublev’s actions contained an offense under article 5.35 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (Failure by parents or other legal representatives of minors to keep and educate minors). However, within the framework of the Federal Law “On Service in the Internal Affairs Bodies of the Russian Federation and Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation”, it is impossible to bring Rublev as a police officer to administrative responsibility by members of the commission. In this regard, the commission sent a motivated opinion at the place of work of Alexander Rublev to the Internal Affairs Directorate at the MM Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow that he was not fulfilling his duties as a father. “I do not know how to get him to help the child. In desperation, I even turned to work with my ex-spouse for financial help, but they refused me, referring to the fact that the police officer himself, the father of the child, did not ask for any help. In general, I have been told many times, including by officials, that I will not achieve anything, because he is a policeman”, - says Lyudmila.

Начальник управления опеки и попечительства Министерства образования Московской области по Городскому округу Балашиха Ирина Киоса Начальник управления опеки и попечительства Министерства образования Московской области по Городскому округу Балашиха Ирина Киоса
Начальник управления опеки и попечительства Министерства образования Московской области по Городскому округу Балашиха Ирина Киоса

An advertisement promising to help all those in need has been posted on the guardianship office for Balashikha: “Dear parents, residents of the Balashikha City District! During the period of high alert, the Department of Guardianship and Trusteeship of the City District of Balashikha continues to operate normally. We are in round-the-clock interaction with all structures to help children whose parents are hospitalized or cannot take care of their children due to illness. Remember, you are not alone. If you find yourself in a difficult situation due to hospitalization or illness, you can always contact us to help your child. ”

Unfortunately, this is just an announcement.

“My condition worsens every day, because I can’t go to rehabilitation, I just have nowhere to put my baby on. There is no help from anyone - my son and I were left alone with this disaster”, - says Lyudmila.