Posted 25 мая 2020,, 20:58

Published 25 мая 2020,, 20:58

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Question to the traffic police: are the "jokes" on cars legal?

Question to the traffic police: are the "jokes" on cars legal?

25 мая 2020, 20:58
On Russian roads you can often see the cars with a variety of "humorous" inscriptions.

Popular blogger Valery Petrov turned his attention to cars that have a wide variety of stripes, inscriptions, and even drawings, and wondered if this is legal and why traffic cops don't stop drivers of such cars? Or is it still stopping?

On the one hand, according to Article 12.4 of Part 3. Of the Code of Administrative Offenses - “Illegal application of special colorographic schemes of operational services vehicles or a color scheme of a passenger taxi to the vehicle’s exterior surfaces - shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of two thousand five hundred rubles; for officials responsible for the operation of vehicles - twenty thousand rubles; five hundred thousand rubles for legal entities”. On the other hand, it is impossible to use only clearly indicated inscriptions and stripes according to GOST (all-union state standard) of special colorographic schemes of vehicles of operational services...

So it turns out that if you stick the blue stripes and write some abbreviation of the FSB type on board the car, it seems that nobody will be punished for this, since there is no administrative offense. That is why such “funny” cars drive through Russian cities, the owners of which are refined by what much...