Posted 25 мая 2020, 13:57

Published 25 мая 2020, 13:57

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The end of megamalls: shopping centers are already on sell on Avito

25 мая 2020, 13:57
The chances that they will resume their work after the pandemic are few, as Russian incomes continue to fall.

Network analyst Pavel Vishnevsky drew attention to a surprising circumstance in his blog: the sale of retail space began on the famous Avito website. Vishnevsky notes in passing that back in 2014, just before the crisis began, he warned that Russian trade would return to the state from which it had emerged in the early 2000s — to ordinary markets, since the prices in the shopping centers were very high with market ones. Now, when incomes have been constantly falling for so many years, the country's population will return to places much less pathos than shopping centers.

Advertisements for the sale of Russian shopping centers, which began to appear on the Avito website, are growing in number as revenue and rental income fall - as the premises are empty and taxes must be paid...

For example, a shopping center on the first line of Arbat Street is trading for 11.5 billion rubles, and it is assumed that it will pay off in about 8 years, and all its areas are rented.

For 334.5 million rubles, the Prague shopping center is offered in one of the sleeping areas of Moscow, the areas of which are also leased.

Exactly the same ads are actively published in May and from Russian regions.

It is known that the State Duma adopted a law that allows entrepreneurs whose business suffered from a pandemic to terminate their contracts with the owners of retail chains unilaterally, and even earlier, the Moscow chief architect Kuznetsov warned that shopping centers would probably lose their profitability and be demolished.