Posted 25 мая 2020,, 20:57

Published 25 мая 2020,, 20:57

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The secret of statistics: patients with coronavirus are beneficial to the authorities, and the dead are not

The secret of statistics: patients with coronavirus are beneficial to the authorities, and the dead are not

25 мая 2020, 20:57
In Moscow, there are persistent rumors that 200 thousand rubles were allocated for the diagnosis and treatment of each suspected of infection, plus premiums to medical staff. This is because the system is very beneficial to overestimate the number of cases - the slightest symptom, and you are already sick with COVID-19?

Network analyst Andrei Nalgin addressed the most pressing issue today - the quirks of coronavirus statistics in the Russian capital. It's no secret that according to official testing data, it is believed that COVID-19 was ill almost every eighth Muscovite, without even noticing it. Is this possible? - the blogger asks and checks this data through unofficial channels.

So the mass testing of city residents for antibodies, which began already 1-0 days ago, should affect at least six million people, which is about half of all Moscow residents.

To date, more than 50 thousand people have donated blood, and a positive reaction to it has been detected in 12.5% of them.

Is it a success? Has Moscow really really taken a broad step towards obtaining the so-called collective immunity?

In response, Nalgin cites several real testimonies from social networks, preserving the author's spelling. “Nothing honestly bothered me. But SMS arrived, like "want to check?" I thought why not! Schaz, of course, a hundred times regretted having popped there! Forgot what country I live in! Well, I handed over the 15th. They took blood from a vein, and masks from the nose and mouth. The tests came positive. These arrived in suits. Ingoverin and arbidol left. Drink, they say. And they call every day! (...) And we do not have more than one symptom. Totally healthy! But sit two weeks, until the 29th! (...) They told me: we will do a second test, smears, I have one negative, we will do another one, if it is negative, we will remove the isolation from you! In general, horror! "


“My relative, a pensioner, was forced to take tests when she came to the clinic for procedures. Her brush is broken and Elizarov’s apparatus is standing. So, the test is positive. She has no symptoms. Although she is asthmatic and diabetic. And everywhere they shout that such pensioners burn out from the cove in three days. The result - forcibly sitting at home with these knitting needles in his hand, how to wash them now and what will happen next with his hand is not clear ... And at the same time they will not be hospitalized, who really feel bad! Familiar to them is really bad. They called, do not want to pick up! People even gave money! Why then is such a bed fund being created !? Yes, the complete disgrace! ”


“I had a covid with two close friends in a clinic. Immediately, on the same day, they themselves passed tests to the EMC, and the tests are negative. But all the same, they should sit for at least three weeks on isolation and send photos, otherwise fines. My friend has a child of three years old, what is it like to spend three weeks in an apartment with a baby? ”


And here is what the famous economist Jacob Mirkin writes on his blog:

“He predicted that the pandemic in Russia would follow the“ Brazilian option. ” When they talk about the "downed peak of a pandemic," they are being deprived of caution. So far, in my personal space, those who received the HF are through one handshake, friends and family friends. In our house - there are cases. But here is what I noticed in Moscow - I don’t know if it’s right, only from the stories.

It seems that only those who have CT results are taken to hospitals. Before this, a person must, at home, moving in space, go through a multi-day marathon - wait for a doctor, test for HF, test results, get a referral to CT, get in person, stand for many hours, up to 4 hours, regardless of age, and personally, infecting everyone back home. And only then does the foundation for the hospital arise. If you feel bad and you called an ambulance, then she will take you to a CT scan, and not to the hospital.

If this is true, then this means that the hospitals are facing a multi-day stub that confidently minimizes the flow in them in Moscow. Not everyone can and wants to go this way of the cross.

Tell me, am I right or not? Maybe completely wrong. But I can’t understand the “miracle” of the May holidays, the “miracle” of mass work out in the midst of a pandemic, the “miracle” of silence about what happens in hostels, among migrants, in nursing homes, in the penitentiary system.

Ignorance gives rise to neglect and negligence. Only knowledge saves life or at least gives the right to conscious choice - what risks to take. Better to know ... "

But in Moscow there are persistent rumors that 200 thousand rubles are allocated for the diagnosis and treatment of each person suspected of infection, plus additional allowances to medical personnel. This is because the system is very profitable to overestimate the number of cases - the slightest symptom, and you are already sick with COVID-19!

But at the same time, the authorities are closely monitoring mortality: they will just begin to die more than the norm - the chief doctors will not be greeted. That is why it is not profitable to hospitalize severe patients - like, let them be treated at home ...

Perhaps this is the secret of the mysterious Moscow covid statistics ... - concludes the analyst.