Posted 26 мая 2020,, 12:01

Published 26 мая 2020,, 12:01

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A tryout by a battle: how to receive the SNILS to obtain 10 thousand rubles per child

A tryout by a battle: how to receive the SNILS to obtain 10 thousand rubles per child

26 мая 2020, 12:01
The presence of a SNILS (personal insurance policy number) of a child is one of the many conditions for each parent. If you don't have it, you need to go to the Pension Fund, because it is impossible to get it remotely. Who, why, and what for is sending people out for the information during a period of self-isolation?

Oleg Goryunov

15 days have passed since Vladimir Putin addressed the nation on May 11, but not all parents were able to even apply for the promised 10 thousand rubles for each child from 3 to 16 years old. And this despite the fact that the President of Russia on May 13 demanded to put things in order on the website of the State Service, which on May 12 simply refused to work - on that day only a few could fill out an application for help with his "help".

Now the website of the Gosuslugi (State Service) is working, but in addition to the unreasonable requirement to be a client of one of the 4 Russian banks, it obliges parents for some reason to indicate the child’s SNILS in the application.

Here's how it looks in practice: the site, in the absence of SNILS data, offers to leave information from the child’s birth certificate. That is, the site says so: either one or the other.

But then the unpredictable happens: after filling out the information from the birth certificate, the website of the State Service again requires filling in the column... - SNILS.

Госуслуги предлагали лично обращаться в МФЦ тогда, когда МФЦ не работали...Госуслуги предлагали лично обращаться в МФЦ тогда, когда МФЦ не работали...
Госуслуги предлагали лично обращаться в МФЦ тогда, когда МФЦ не работали...

On the website of the Gosuslugi (State Service), created by the Ministry of Communications, it was suggested that in the absence of any of the documents, contact the MFC - multifunctional centers, which until May 25 did not work. SNILS can only be obtained at the Pension Fund of Russia, and a personal presence is required.

NI reported this flaw to the deputy head of the Ministry of Communications of Ukraine Volin A.K. , asking to be eliminated in order to save people from running around in state institutions, as Vladimir Putin demanded on May 11, this is what he said then:

"Now people are not up to collecting certificates, extracts".

Anna Akhmadieva answered us for Alexei Volin:

"You need to call or write to the public services portal support service"

We thanked for the advice, but refrained from using it - it is unlikely that the support service of the State Service website had the right to remove the condition "report SNILS data" from the list of requirements for parents put forward by the leadership of the Ministry of Communications. A. Akhmadieva could not have guessed about this, however, it seems that the press officer did not at all begin to inform her management about the request for NI, deciding to settle everything herself ...

The press service of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) reacted to the problem in a completely different way: her employee, named Marina, suggested dispensing with the electronic queue, and agreed with the head of one of the PFR branches to help get the damned SNILS - this is the case in the history of registration difficulties 10 thousand from V. Putin, a "big blat" appeared:

"When you arrive, knock on the door, it will be closed, the guard will open you, tell me that you are going to Olga Petrovna (name changed - ed.). You should be wearing a mask and gloves. The guard will lead you to the head of the FIU...".

We admit that if it were not for the confidential conversation with the respected Olga Petrovna, which took place during the execution of the ill-fated SNILS, most likely there would not have been this article.

The decision to admit to using the “big blat” - going into the PFR building without standing in a live queue, came precisely after the conversation: we decided to talk about the real feat of the Pension Fund employees, which no one notices, does not evaluate and does not pay, as it seems to us, by dignity.

“Do you know what my salary is? Six thousand - I’m still the boss, and my girls have even less. We are paid the salary at the expense of 140% of the bonus and other allowances, because we work on the OUT tariff - it’s interpreted as special working conditions “We work with syphilitics, tuberculosis patients, and carpet mates - we accept everyone”, - Olga Petrovna said.

We apologize for the quality of the photo, - the photo was taken in secret from those gathered at the doors of the FIU, but it is clearly visible on it that many of the visitors do not observe safety measures - do not wear masks and gloves, stand close to each other.

Knowing that many PFR visitors are not afraid of the coronavirus, some fund employees also don’t wear gloves on their hands, and lower the mask on their faces below the nostrils.

PNF employees can and should be "understood and forgiven" - unlike the IFC, the Pension Fund did not stop its work for a day - people here, like the doctors, are fatally tired.

It should be especially noted that all the flaws of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media fell on the shoulders of the employees of the FIU and added work to them. So, for example, the collapse of the State Service website on May 12, according to my sister-in-law, was the “rainy day” for Pension Fund employees in 2020:

“If you could only see what was happening on May 12! A crowd of parents with children came - everyone wanted to write a statement for financial assistance from Putin. We printed statements, issued them through the door. People on the floor, on their knees, on the street on benches, they filled out these applications on the hoods of cars and then returned them to us through the door, and we don’t have any benefits for work, as doctors didn’t receive any prizes from the state, we didn’t close MFCs, after this story we were forced to work from 10 thousand from the president at the weekend. I asked the boss: "How should I explain to my subordinates that they should also work at the weekend?" Do you know what they answered me? Do you work on OUT. "

PFR employees have to write out hundreds of certificates, SNILSs and other documents per day.

Вот из-за этой бумажки - детского СНИЛС тысячи россиян подвергаются риску заразиться коронавирусомВот из-за этой бумажки - детского СНИЛС тысячи россиян подвергаются риску заразиться коронавирусом
Вот из-за этой бумажки - детского СНИЛС тысячи россиян подвергаются риску заразиться коронавирусом

All documents are printed, handed over to the visitor, he signs them and returns them to the fund employee.

It’s even hard to imagine what kind of risk employees of the FIU were exposed to for several months, because the mask-and-glove regimen was introduced recently...


The “big blat” in the PFR did not help, - after entering the SNILS data, the website of the State Service issued the following information:

The message of the Gosuslugi (State Service) portal was decoded by the dearest Olga Petrovna:

"Data on SNILS will appear on the website of the Gosuslugi (State Service) only in a week"

This means that the application itself will only be sent for consideration on June 1 or 2, it will take some more time to receive a positive or negative answer. But in any case, the order of Vladimir Putin will not be distributed to one family, because the President of Russia has promised that it will be possible to get money for a child from 3 to 16 years old, starting from June 1.

Over 20 million Russian families were supposed to receive 10 thousand rubles each.

It is interesting, with how many of them, besides the author of this article, a Gosuslugi from the Ministry of Communications play a dirty trick?