Posted 27 мая 2020,, 14:01

Published 27 мая 2020,, 14:01

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Mikhail Delyagin: “Russia has entered the era of dyarchy”

Mikhail Delyagin: “Russia has entered the era of dyarchy”

27 мая 2020, 14:01
According to Mikhail Delyagin, Russia entered a period of "real dual power", the country faced the threat of collapse, people no longer respect the leadership. The doctor of economic sciences told about this during an interview for the YouTube channel Roy-TV.

“The revolution is now called the perfect storm, it has already become a commonplace. So: what we see now is the perfect calm that happens before this most ideal storm.

Before it happens, when all factors converge at the same time, a situation of complete calm arises. In our country, this is now even denoted by the definition of Stockholm Syndrome.

Because people not only obeyed coronobes, but also experience their spiritual kinship and unity with these coronabes. In much the same way that hostages experience kinship and unity with terrorists.

But this coronobesia will end. It is already ending. Please note: people are tired and the state began to relax restrictions.

When people took to the streets, the state understood: “You can’t keep them anymore,” and declared victory over the coronavirus. And this happened precisely as a result of the fact that the "guard was tired" and people went out into the street.

In Moscow, for example, it is very clearly visible how the level of fulfillment of all these idiotic, in my opinion, restrictions was reduced.

Ahead of us is an economic disaster. Business destroyed. The state does not recognize this. There is no one to recognize it.

According to Titov, more than half of the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses - he calls 53% - believe that they are in a disastrous situation and with a high degree of probability they will not be able to recover. And this is a very optimistic assessment.

But the main danger is not even an economic disaster. The main danger comes from the government itself.

We are told about spiritual bonds. But Easter was canceled, Victory Day was canceled, voting on the Constitution has been canceled. That is, the proclaimed bonds were not one.

There are two real bonds now. The first is the federal budget, which distributes money, the second is local feeding.

Local feeding is when local appointments are made - no, not crooks, of course, but effective managers and young technocrats who are able to squeeze out of these places as much as they want.

So: now both of these bonds are reset to zero.

On the one hand, the federal budget is choking on money, but at the same time it lives on the principle of "so don’t get to anyone!", "I won’t give a dime to anyone." And all this is declared directly, openly and honestly.

And local feeding becomes impossible, because the feed base is destroyed by this very federal center.

Now people will quarantine - that is, excuse me, from house arrest - as in the famous song: "I went out onto the deck, but there is no deck." Because it is impossible to earn money.

And de facto, without a food supply, what will the state do? For regions, a phrase in the spirit of Yeltsin was spoken informally: take sovereignty as much as you want.

Now we see the real dual power. Moreover, in the 17th year that did not arise on its own, from below, but artificially created by the federal center, in strict accordance with the logic of Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin.

What did the president, Mishustin, Belousov say with one voice - no matter who, even Patrushev? Comrades governors, and you yourself decide there, with yourself, what you have there with the coronavirus. There is he, not him, a lot of him, few, what modes of operation are needed - you determine all this yourself, depending on your fanabery. Which is happening.

Our reality is this: as in the days of feudal fragmentation before the Tatar-Mongol invasion, we have our own rules in each region.

When I am going to the region, I carefully study the rules of the region where I am going and the region through which I’m passing so that they don’t take me off the train. And here I am making out a digital pass so-and-so, there is another one, but here it is not needed at all - here is the territory of freedom.

That is, dual power we are seeing now. Starting from Moscow, the regions show that for them the federal center is zero without a stick, nothing.

The story with the doctors was very revealing. Putin said doctors who work with coronavirus should get more. After that, the regions got a stopwatch and, up to a minute, began to record who worked and how much, and paid for these minutes.

This is a demonstration of the fact that "what you told us - we understood correctly." Do we have a feeding function? Did you give us money to fight the coronavirus? So we feed with them. And then what did you not understand up there, at home?

This is a real threat of state collapse.

Okudzhava sang: "But they die because (and the more painful the longer) that people of their kingdom no longer respect."

This is how states die.

And now the authorities understand that the coronabesia shop is closing. It’s not that people don’t react to this madness - the police are tired. In Moscow, taxi drivers drive without these muzzles and no one stops them, he himself was a witness.

And when law enforcement agencies get tired of the madness of the authorities, the level of respect for the state is clear.

Back in the textbook, I once read that the first thing the state needs to do in this case is to divert attention to the “unusable object”. If I were in the administration now, I would suggest the following. Taking into account the low intellectual level of the current leadership - after all, the bosses should be offered what it is capable of understanding, I would say: do you remember, there was the Crimean spring 6 years ago? Now we need to do the following: reunite with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and also, preferably, with Donbass and Lugansk. And under this business to arrange a national celebration and rejoicing. "