Posted 27 мая 2020,, 13:45

Published 27 мая 2020,, 13:45

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Mikhail Khazin: “The elite understands that the time has come to change the rules and people”

Mikhail Khazin: “The elite understands that the time has come to change the rules and people”

27 мая 2020, 13:45
It’s not by chance that Putin publicly raided officials about the non-payment of money to doctors. Mikhalkov in the new issue of Besogon did not accidentally run into Gref repeatedly, and Patrushev did not accidentally speak out about the high corruption around national projects.

Resources for maintaining the old familiar situation no longer exist. It's time to change the rules of the game. Radical changes in the managerial elite are coming in Russia. This is not a conspiracy, it is a confrontation. The famous economist Mikhail Khazin spoke about this on the radio of the Moscow Talks radio station.

“By no means do I insist that a fight has begun in our political elite. But the fact that we were shown a public case is a fact.

If you read such a specific source as anonymous telegram channels, you will see that this topic has been discussed for a long time. Even some political scientists began to speak out about this: in the spirit of “an anti-Putin conspiracy was revealed” and so on.

You know, the word "conspiracy" is very ambiguous. And, theoretically, any two people who discuss in the kitchen over a bottle of vodka that they are dissatisfied with someone else's activities can already be considered conspirators.

And it can be considered conspirators of high-ranking officials who have already entered a state of coup.

It all depends on the interpretation. Therefore, I think it is not entirely correct to use the word "conspiracy."

But the question remains: this is the polarization of forces.

If you look at the new Besogon, you can see that Nikita Sergeyevich is very annoyed by many.

All this resembles a rather acute confrontation. And most importantly, there is some consolidation.

Gusev, Pozner, Gref, Nabiullina, Siluanov ... They all appear on the same side. And a certain group, to which Mikhalkov and Patrushev surprisingly belong, to another. Some might say that these people are Putin’s friends.

But you will forgive me, of course, but after all, Nabiullina and Siluanov have been Putin’s most reliable assistants for many years. For this reason, everything here is a little more complicated.

In general, I have a deep conviction that in fact it’s not necessary to talk about a conspiracy - in the sense that someone has organized this conspiracy.

Rather, we are talking about this. In the world and, in particular, in our country, radical economic changes are taking place.

They greatly affect our lives. And, accordingly, people do not like it.

If you look at the USA, the Americans showed their attitude last Monday. They, as children, are more likely to express their position in public.

As soon as the information appeared, more precisely, a hint that there is a vaccine against coronavirus - the Dow - Jones index immediately jumped by 1000 points. This is a lot. And this indicates that people crave, people categorically want everything to come back. In the happiness that was in 2019.

And I am not inclined to think that our people in this sense are different from the Americans.

There was an external self-depressing force that determined the rules of the game. And suddenly, the situation began to change.

Moreover, it began to change not in the sense that it became possible to change the rules of the game, but in the fact that economic circumstances began to change so that it was impossible to NOT change them.

That is, in other words, that force - Trump called it transnational financiers - in general, these transnational bankers, they no longer have the ability to support this system with the mechanisms that they controlled. Basically - through the issue of the dollar.

It doesn't work anymore. Moreover, quite a long time ago, since 2008. But then there were still some resources. They scrubbed along the gimbal and darned the barns. They pulled, pulled, pulled, and today they are faced with a situation where there are no more resources to support the old system.

That means it's time to change the rules.

It is for this reason that those people who subtly feel the situation - like Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov, or those people who understand something, like Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev - begin to look at this line, which for some reason they do not like, can be moved.

And it has become possible. Those who have the resources to change this border begin to change it.

Roughly speaking, everyone is doing what they can now.

This does not mean that everyone wants to change something. On the contrary: there are quite a few forces that do not want to change anything. And since they feel that the situation is changing and that the opposite side has begun to do something, they begin to resist. And there is a natural spontaneous consolidation.

For example, there are people who speak together against Mikhalkov, criticize Patrushev - you read what they write on this topic on the same Facebook.

And these people are united not so much by some external force, but by a sincere conviction that something needs to be urgently undertaken, otherwise those others will really change the rules of the game.

And, accordingly, this means that the situation in which, from 15 rubles allocated to doctors, 14 could be put in one’s pocket, as it was before Putin’s intervention, will collapse.

I draw your attention: no one forced Putin to show this situation to everyone. Nevertheless, he showed it and demonstrated how much money is put in his pocket.

And this suggests that Putin is more likely on the side that wants to change the situation than on the side of those who want to save it.

At the same time, I note: if Putin tried to do the same five years ago, then this would not have ended in anything good. Neither for himself, nor for the country as a whole.

Then the time has not come yet. And now it has come. And an understanding of what is possible and what is not possible at a particular moment is a very important feature of any politician.

But what does all this mean? Several things will change at once.

Not only economic rules. The political environment will also change. In other words, there will be a significant change in the elite.

The confrontation, which has now come to the surface, begins to appear precisely because it has intensified.

It becomes clear: either one or the other. It is impossible otherwise.

And if we assume that those forces that want to change the situation and, accordingly, strengthen the position of Russia in the outside world, and in the ability to regulate their own financial and economic policies, win, this will mean that fundamental, radical changes will occur in the managerial elite.

And this, in turn, means that a huge number of vertical mobility elevators will appear. And do not assume that these places will necessarily take "relatives".

Those who in reality played openly on the anti-liberal side are not as many as their relatives. There will be much more places.

It is unlikely that the same Mikhalkov will shove his children and grandchildren into deputy ministers and ministers; he has a different profile. And many others have the same picture.

That is, you understand, I would say that the topic of preparation for these changes is becoming more and more relevant today. ”