Posted 27 мая 2020,, 13:18

Published 27 мая 2020,, 13:18

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Ministry of Economy: Russians' incomes will fall by 6%, unemployment will rise to 5.5%

Ministry of Economy: Russians' incomes will fall by 6%, unemployment will rise to 5.5%

27 мая 2020, 13:18
Real incomes of Russians this year will decrease by 6%, and the unemployment rate will reach 5.5%, said the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov.

According to Reshetnikov, in 2020 the country's GDP will decrease by 5%, but in 2021 it can grow to 7.8%. However, this forecast may change, the minister said.

Earlier, the agency adjusted the forecast for unemployment growth in the country following the results of the current year to 5.7%, a ten-year record.

Recall that in April the number of unemployed Russians increased by 815 thousand people compared with the previous month. Today, unemployment in the country is about 4.3 million people, which is the highest figure since 2016.

Note that the agency calls the increase in unemployment a temporary phenomenon. Next year, the figure may drop to 4.9%, according to the ministry. However, Russia will manage to return to the indicators observed before the coronavirus pandemic - 4.7% no earlier than two years later, the Ministry of Economic Development predicts.

In the Russian capital, more than other regions affected by the new coronavirus infection, about a million people are forced to not work . In late April, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin promised three thousand rubles a month to those left without work with children in addition to the federal and regional unemployment benefits. Unemployed people in Moscow can count on payments in the amount of 19,500 rubles instead of 12,130 throughout Russia, but many of those who were left without work complained that it was very difficult to achieve unemployment status.