Posted 28 мая 2020, 13:47

Published 28 мая 2020, 13:47

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Chelyabinsk doctors were given dance costumes for the visits to patients with coronavirus

28 мая 2020, 13:47
Doctors of the city of Chelyabinsk told local media that the leadership gave them “protective suits”, bought for 200 rubles at a sale in the Mir Dance World online store. As evidence, they cited labels.

"Doctors and paramedics are asking to make the topic public and punish the guilty, because the lives and health of people depend on these very strange, if not absurd decisions", the publication notes

The photographs of the labels clearly show: “Dance World LLC, Casper Plus KM2, Spanbond White, price - 200 rubles”. The city health department of the city of Chelyabinsk and the Ministry of Health of the Chelyabinsk region have not yet commented on the situation.

However, earlier in this city and the region, doctors went on strike because of problems with accruals promised by the Russian president for surcharges for work with the coronavirus COVID-19. Officials at first tried to make a confused confusion by publishing some internal calculations, but later they still promised to pay all the promised to all doctors

Patient GKB No. 8 in the city of Chelyabinsk, where patients with identified coronavirus are being treated in the infectious ward, complained on May 11 of a "hungry and cold" lunch of 25 pasta. The hospital, for its part, noted that patients are fed in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health, and the hospital’s nutrition board approved the so-called "differentiated seven-day menu, taking into account standard diets."

As of today, 2586 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in the Chelyabinsk region. Over the last day, two people died and another 148 positive tests were received - this has not happened since the beginning of the pandemic. In total, 35 people have died in the region since the pandemic was announced, only 49 people have recovered in the region over the last day, notes.