Posted 28 мая 2020,, 13:51

Published 28 мая 2020,, 13:51

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Fascist-TV presenter Vasiliev called not to treat the sick children

Fascist-TV presenter Vasiliev called not to treat the sick children

28 мая 2020, 13:51
In his blog, a popular TV presenter suggested collecting money not for the treatment of sick people, but for supporting the fashion industry.

Lawyer Yulia Nikolaeva drew attention in her blog to a public speech by TV presenter Alexander Vasiliev, unthinkable in any civilized country:

“Spinal muscle atrophy (SMA) is a terrible disease in which muscles gradually atrophy - a person first loses the ability to walk, then sit, move his arms, speak ... The last muscles to breathe are atrophy, and a person simply suffocates. While at the same time in full consciousness. Until recently, this disease was incurable, but in May 2019, the American drug Zolgensma appeared, one injection of which, made before the age of 2, can cure. Only such an injection is worth 2 million dollars. Since the Russian state refuses to pay for such expensive treatment, parents collect money on their own through funds and private philanthropists. Volunteers helping families turn to celebrities for help not only with money, but also with an audience on social networks.

The exquisite man and part-time fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev, in response to such an appeal, wrote on his social media page that his friend Vyacheslav Zaitsev deserves much more help: “The fashion house pleases thousands of women, hundreds of thousands of women and Vyacheslav Zaitsev is our national pride. A child - sick or healthy, so far pleases only his mother, father and grandmother. What will grow - we do not know yet. A child with the cost of one injection for 150 million rubles in the era of the pandemic crisis is not yet national pride. Personally, I choose the first option".

Among the subscribers there were adequate people who expressed a natural indignation, in response to which Vasilyev did not leave at all any options to be misunderstood: “Do you think that, in general, not very wealthy, but merciful and naive people of Russia in the era of coronavirus, lack of money and unemployment should give the last money not to their family, neighbors, old people and pensioners, but to youngsters with poor genetics who are still babies, they are not even 2 years old?"

In a normal society, after such statements, the author would have lost respect, reputation, work, advertising contracts, he would not have been invited to any decent company, not to mention television. In Russia, except for the parents of sick children who are in the subject, no one paid attention to this..."

So, our fashion historian deserved nothing but the definition of "fascist" ... It would be nice if he didn’t study fashion, but, say, the history of the 20th century and the theory of the practices of demoniac cattle that doomed tens of millions of people to death and torment. By the way, with a sense of style and the ability to create a military uniform, everything was fine with them! The uniforms and cloaks of the Fuhrer of the Third Reich - just a sight for sore eyes! And the clothes of murderers from the SS are still envy of all the fashion designers of the world.