Posted 28 мая 2020,, 09:00

Published 28 мая 2020,, 09:00

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"Heel!" Walking on schedule caused the anger and laughter of the Muscovites

"Heel!" Walking on schedule caused the anger and laughter of the Muscovites

28 мая 2020, 09:00
The mayor of Moscow ordered Muscovites to walk on schedule.

The phrase "This can not be!" escaped from millions of citizens as the first reaction to the "joke" of the mayor. However, there was nothing ridiculous in the decree of Sergei Sobyanin: indeed, the arresting orders in the metropolis were introduced into what seemed to be "legal" force.

Oleg Goryunov

For the sake of objectivity and for information, we publish the text of the appeal of the mayor Sobyanin to Muscovites:


Nine weeks of “home mode” were not in vain. Thousands of saved lives — relatives, friends, neighbors, and work colleagues — were worth the patience and stay at home.

It is too early to completely abolish self-isolation, but the time has come when we can afford to regularly go out in the fresh air.

From Monday, residents can leave the house for walks and sports. With few exceptions, city parks and green areas will be re-opened for free access.

Of course, an increase in the number of people on the streets can increase the risk of infection. Therefore, we established certain rules for taking walks, and the “walking mode” itself is introduced as an experiment - for two weeks, from June 1 to June 14, 2020.

1. Who can go for a walk?

Almost all residents of the city, including Muscovites over 65 and citizens suffering from chronic diseases.

It is still forbidden to leave home:

  • citizens with COVID-19 who are suspected of having a coronavirus infection, who have signs of acute respiratory viral infection, and people living with them;
  • citizens obliged to observe the regime of self-isolation by order of the sanitary doctor (for example, after returning from abroad).

2. Do I need a pass?

You do not need to get any passes for outdoor walks and sports.

3. Are masks and gloves required?

From June 1, 2020, the mask and glove regimes will be strengthened .

Leaving home, including during walks and playing sports, all residents are required to use respirators, masks, or other respiratory protection equipment.

Gloves must be used additionally at work, in stores, pharmacies, My Documents centers, any other institutions and in public transport.

4. How often and for how long can I go out for a walk?

Large numbers of people should not be allowed during a pandemic. Therefore, I had to set a specific schedule for walking.

4.1. To play sports in the open air without any restrictions can be on a daily basis - but only until 9.00 in the morning.

4.2. You can go on ordinary walks from 9.00 to 21.00, but no more than 3 times a week - 2 times on weekdays and 1 time on a weekend.

The schedule of “walking days” for residents of each house will be published on MOS.RU, the Internet portal Yandex and in mobile applications.

5. Where can I go for a walk?

You can walk and play sports in any open city spaces - in yards, parks, squares, on the streets and natural areas, but with several restrictions.

It is recommended to limit the walk radius to 2 km from the place of residence.

However, in the event of a large number of people gathering, access to any urban area may be limited. If too many people come to a park, the administration has the right to temporarily stop access.

Going for a walk, each person will be able to get information in advance about the load on a particular territory and decide whether to go there, or choose a different route. Information will be published on the Yandex Internet portal.

6. How should I behave during walks and sports?

Being on the street, you must observe the social distance.

There is still a ban on the use of urban infrastructure elements - shops, gazebos, playgrounds and sports grounds, any other objects, the touch of which can cause the transmission of infection to other people.

7. Can vehicles and sports equipment be used?

During walks and sports, it is forbidden to use public transport and any kind of vehicles equipped with an engine.

You can take bicycles, scooters (including electric ones), rollers, skateboards, Nordic walking poles and any other personal sports equipment with you.

8. Do I need to bring documents?

Compliance with the rules of the walk will be selectively monitored by the police and the administrative and technical inspection.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, please carry documents proving residence at a specific address (passport, certificate of ownership, lease agreement, etc.). It is not necessary to take originals for a walk, you can limit yourself to copies or screenshots in the smartphone's memory.

New walking rules may seem overly complex. I myself am not happy with them. But asserting these rules, we wanted to solve three problems at the same time.

Firstly, to give Muscovites the opportunity not only to “run out for half an hour” from their homes, but to take full, long walks.

Secondly, I wanted to do without the introduction of another kind of digital passes.

And thirdly, it is necessary to avoid the accumulation of a large number of people, and therefore the risk of new infections with coronavirus.

Combining the solution to these problems is very difficult. Let’s see how the experiment with walks will work, and in two weeks we’ll decide on its continuation, modification, or even on the lifting of restrictions on walks. "

Sergei Sobyanin was born in the village of Nyaksimvol, Berezovsky District, Tyumen Region. One of his first photographs today looks symbolic: Serezha Sobyanin with a dog walks around the village:

Everyone knows that dogs walk in the morning and evening. Muscovites' walking schedule is very similar to such walks: morning promenade - at 8:30, evening - at 20:30.

On weekends, as a rule, the owner walks with the four-legged pet longer and more often, but the mayor with rural roots decided differently: on weekends the Muscovite has the right to only one walk.

"Sobyanin absolutely crap. It’s impossible to explain this rationally."

S. Sobyanin decided on the radius of "freedom" of Muscovites - 1.5 km.

At the same time, entry to sports and playgrounds is prohibited ...

You can go to the parks, but at the discretion of the park’s security: the security guard will decide that too many people have come (the mayor still hasn’t decided on the number of Muscovites walking in the parks), he won’t miss it.

The famous metropolitan deputy Dmitry Baranovsky, who obtained from Sergey Sobyanin his personal order to ban the construction of two high-rises on the site of a kindergarten on 11th Parkovaya Street, is at a loss:

The Internet exploded with angry responses to the "good" news from City Hall:

Even the deputy of the State Duma Denis Ivanov responded to the Moscow news:

Walking in Moscow now, indeed, will be "entrances" - each will have its own schedule.

It goes without saying that social networks exploded in comments. No matter how you read it, there is NO ONE positive feedback about the mayor’s novation.

“The Sobyanin bullying of Muscovite serfs is already beginning to take on some sort of homeric character.” A free sociologist LJ cuts his shoulder under the nickname Sapozhnik . “I listened to his next speech today and I really couldn’t believe my ears. But Sobyanin bears nothing but heresy that your Petrosyan, smartly, even in places and with a laugh.

Well you heard of course. Sobyanin now planned that Moscow would be put out of the houses for walks ... by the hour. Under the command of the Tajik janitors, I suppose. Well, or machine gunners - he didn’t specify it. In general, like this: it’s too early for Muscovites to walk around yet - they did not deserve it. Therefore, for now - and as an incredible relief, almost a gift from the city hall! - It is proposed to walk as much as three times a week: two on weekdays and one on weekends. In an organized way! Without crowding, keeping a distance, hands behind his back - and HOUSES. Type - at 10 o’clock goes house number 3 on Moldagulova street, and at 11 o'clock - house number 5. Who did not have time for a walk - he was late, respectively: he continues to sit in his cage, swallow bars and look at the window.

In all this - not a trace of humor, I emphasize. This is not Shenderovich invented - this is such an “order" adopted in the hero city of Moscow on June 1. A cry from the audience: "Will they give striped robes?" The answer (also from the audience): “Well, what you have to do! You need to buy the robe yourself, at your own expense!” In general, in a scientific sense this is called “administrative delight”. It happens when a bureaucrat, intoxicated by power and complete submission to the entrusted cattle, finally loses its shores and surrenders to his own perverted fantasy.

The most amazing thing is that all these paroxysms of “control” occur in Sobyanin’s head and in complete isolation from reality. In real, real Moscow, people have been walking in droves in droves for several days, everywhere you can’t turn away from mothers with prams, lively couples, old people with old women and flocks of business youth. Yesterday and today, I rode the subway - there are already 20-25 people in the cars - in short, so many that they can no longer sit in accordance with the rules of the "social distance". "

“The coronavirus epidemic became both a marker and a trigger point for a Russian catastrophe.” Network analyst Anatoly Nesmiyan generalizes. “This marker is called“ discontinuity, ”when a small change in a variable causes large changes in the entire system. the seasonal epidemic of viral disease caused a full-blown inadequate managerial response, which launched the process of the final collapse of the system and its transition from a state of crisis to a state of full-blown disaster.

This is exactly what happened during the epidemic. And this is what is called inadequate management. The trivial, in fact, SARS epidemic has caused the country's economic collapse. Talk about the fact that “they have the same thing” is not accepted - the fact that neighboring countries have failed in an administrative sense does not justify the Russian authorities. The propaganda’s demagogy: “And they beat the blacks there” can’t explain our failures. ”