Posted 28 мая 2020,, 13:44

Published 28 мая 2020,, 13:44

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Rogozin promised that the Russians will land on the moon after 2028

Rogozin promised that the Russians will land on the moon after 2028

28 мая 2020, 13:44
Russia plans to land astronauts on the moon after 2028, when tests of an extra-heavy lunar rocket start, said Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian Space Agency.

Landing on the Moon will allow working out the technology of landing on other celestial bodies, “primarily asteroids”, which can become a source of nutrients unlike the Moon, Rogozin said on the air of the Solovev LIVE program.

Recall that recently the United States decided to extract minerals on the moon. Rogozin called Washington’s plans to develop a satellite of the Earth similar to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. However, later Roscosmos invited the heads of NASA to discuss lunar projects, but received no response.

Now the head of Roskosmos called the talk about the development of the helium-3 isotope on the moon "Manilovism." To do this, you need to build a whole plant, Rogozin explained.

Earlier, he announced that Russian astronauts would make a manned flight to the moon in 2030. The year before, according to the head of Roscosmos, an Earth satellite should fly around. And if both flights are successful, then in a little over two years, Russia will be able to deploy a permanent base on the lunar surface, on which astronauts can live and work, assured Rogozin.

As for the Russian superheavy lunar rocket, it, Rogozin pointed out, will be much easier and cheaper than the American one. Moreover, he stated that Washington would not pull the construction of the superheavy SLS.

Rogozin spoke critically about the American lunar program itself.