Posted 29 мая 2020,, 08:04

Published 29 мая 2020,, 08:04

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Ministry of Labor proposed to ban layoffs during a pandemic

Ministry of Labor proposed to ban layoffs during a pandemic

29 мая 2020, 08:04
The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation prepared a document on a special procedure for dismissing employees and introducing downtime during a pandemic. The department proposes to allow the severance of labor relations only at the initiative of the employee.

The draft resolution, “On the Peculiarities of the Legal Regulation of Labor Relations in 2020”, speaks of a special procedure for dismissing, introducing downtime or transferring part-time employees and other work in the context of a coronavirus pandemic, RBC reports.

The Ministry of Labor offers the authorities the first time to use the temporary right to establish special regulation of labor relations during the epidemic of COVID-19 - it will appear at the Cabinet after the relevant amendments enter into force. The State Duma adopted the law in three readings, the document is waiting for approval by the Federation Council and the head of state.

The ministry proposes to prohibit the dismissal of employees in a pandemic, and send it to a simple one at the initiative of the employer. Break the employment relationship, according to the decree, will be possible only at the initiative of the employee. In case of staff reduction, it is supposed to be allowed only on the day after the restrictive quarantine measures are lifted if the two-month notice period expires during the period of validity of these measures.

It is proposed to reduce the period for notifying employees of changes in the terms and conditions of the employment contract and the working hours at the initiative of the employer if these changes are necessary due to a pandemic. These include the introduction of part-time work.

The project was submitted to the Russian tripartite commission for the regulation of social and labor relations, in which the government, trade unions and employers are represented.

“The document in its current form is a set of proposals received from all parties to social partnership", - the Ministry of Labor noted.

Meanwhile, unemployment and wage arrears are growing in Russia. Last May 1 was more than 2.2 billion rubles. According to official figures, last month unemployment rose to 5.8% - 4.3 million people. In April, compared with last year, the number of unemployed increased by 21%.

Recall that earlier the head of government Mikhail Mishustin proposed increasing unemployment benefits for all Russians, and not just for those who lost their jobs during the coronavirus.

The Ministry of Economy, in turn, calls the growth of unemployment a temporary phenomenon. Next year, the figure may drop to 4.9%, according to the ministry.

The head of the Ministry of Economy Maxim Reshetnikov predicted a fall in real incomes of Russians by 6%.